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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

The shape of multidimensional Brunet--Derrida particle systems

Nathanael Berestycki and Lee Zhuo Zhao

Social Contact Processes and the Partner Model

Eric Thomas Foxall, Roderick Edwards, and Pauline van den Driessche

Diverse Market Models of Competing Brownian Particles with Splits and Mergers

Andrey Sarantsev and Ioannis Karatzas

A positive temperature phase transition in random hypergraph 2-coloring

Victor Bapst, Amin Coja-Oghlan, and Felicia Rassmann

Propagation of chaos for interacting particles subject to environmental noise

Franco Flandoli

A Note on the Expansion of the Smallest Eigenvalue Distribution of the LUE at the Hard Edge

Folkmar Bornemann

Approximations of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations

Tusheng Zhang and Giulia Di Nunno

Local asymptotics for controlled martingales

Scott Armstrong and Ofer Zeitouni

Stein estimation of the intensity of a spatial homogeneous Poisson point process

Jean-François Coeurjolly, Marianne Clausel, and Jérôme Lelong

A Probabilistic Approach to Mean Field Games with Major and Minor Players

Rene Carmona and Geoffrey Zhu

Estimation for Stochastic Damping Hamiltonian Systems under partial observation. III. Diffusion term

Patrick Cattiaux, Jose R. León, and Clémentine Prieur

From transience to recurrence with Poisson tree frogs

Christopher Hoffman, Tobias Johnson, and Matthew Junge

Bernoulli and Tail-Dependence Compatibility

Paul Embrechts, Marius Hofert, and Ruodu Wang

Beyond Universality in Random Matrix Theory

Alice Guionnet, Alan Edelman, and Sandrine Péché

Super-replication with nonlinear transaction costs and volatility uncertainty

Yan Dolinsky, Peter Bank, and Selim Gokay

The snapping out Brownian motion

Antoine Lejay

Backward stochastic differential equations driven by a marked point process: an elementary approach, with an application to optimal control

Fulvia Confortola, Marco Fuhrman, and Jean Jacod

Entropic Ricci curvature bounds for discrete interacting systems

Max Fathi and Jan Maas

Hack's law in a drainage network model: a Brownian web approach

Kumarjit Saha, Rahul Roy, and Anish Sarkar

Gaussian fluctuations for linear spectral statistics of large random covariance matrices

Jamal Najim and Jianfeng Yao

Duality Theory for Portfolio Optimisation under Transaction Costs

Christoph Czichowsky and Walter Schachermayer

Asymptotically optimal priority policies for indexable and non-indexable restless bandits

I.M. Verloop
Markovian Nash equilibrium in financial markets with asymmetric information and related forward-backward systems Umut Cetin and Albina Danilova

Fluctuations of TASEP and LPP with general initial data

Ivan Zachary Corwin, Zhipeng Liu, and Dong Wang

Euler approximations with varying coefficients: the case of superlinearly growing diffusion coefficients

Sotirios Sabanis

Gaussian approximation of nonlinear Hawkes processes

Giovanni Luca Torrisi

Beardwood-Halton-Hammersley Theorem for Stationary Ergodic Sequences: a Counterexample

Alessandro Arlotto, J. Michael Steele

Pathwise Stability of Likelihood Estimators for Diffusions Via Rough Paths

Peter Friz, Joscha Diehl, and Hilmar Mai

Dense Graph Limits Under Respondent Driven Sampling

Siva Ramachandran Athreya and Adrian Rollin

Belief Propagation, Robust Reconstruction and Optimal Recovery of Block Models

Elchanan Mossel, Joe Neeman, and Allan Sly

Random reversible Markov matrices with tunable extremal eigenvalues

Zhiyi Chi

Mimicking martingales

David Graham Hobson

The q-Hahn asymmetric exclusion process

Guillaume Barraquand and Ivan Corwin

The maximizing set of the asymptotic normalized log-likelihood for partially observed Markov chains

Randal Douc, François Roueff, and Tepmony Sim

Poisson approximation for two scan statistics with rates of convergence

Xiao Fang and David Siegmund

The winner takes it all

Maria Deijfen and Remco van der Hofstad

Cycle symmetries and circulation fluctuations for discrete-time and continuous-time Markov chains

Chen Jia, Daquan Jiang, and Minping Qian

Strongly reinforced P olya urns with graph-based competition

Remco van der Hofstad, Mark Holmes, Alexey Kuznetsov, and Wioletta Ruszel

Convergence of empirical distributions in an interpretation of quantum mechanics

Ian W. McKeague and Bruce Levin

Unoriented first-passage percolation on the n-cube

Anders Olle Martinsson

Second-order Markov random fields for independent sets on the infinite Cayley tree

David Alan Goldberg

Self-similar scaling limits of Markov chains on the positive integers

Jean Bertoin and Igor Kortchemski

Establishing some order amongst exact approximations of MCMCs

Christophe Andrieu and Matti Vihola

Stochastic differential equations with Sobolev diffusion and singular drifts and applications

Xicheng Zhang

What is the Probability That a Large Random Matrix Has No Real Eigenvalues?

Eugene Kanzieper, Mihail Poplavskyi, Carsten Timm, Roger Tribe, and Oleg Zaboronski

Improved volatility estimation under one-sided errors with applications to limit order books

Markus Reiß, Moritz Jirak, and Markus Bibinger

Shortest path through random points

Sung Jin Hwang, Steven B. Damelin, and Alfred O. Hero

Critical Behaviour of the Partner Model

Eric Thomas Foxall

Rough fractional diffusions as scaling limits of nearly unstable heavy tailed Hawkes processes

Thibault Jaisson and Mathieu Rosenbaum

Random walks on torus and random interlacements: Macroscopic coupling and phase transition

Jiri Cerny and Augusto Quadros Teixeira

Elimination of Intermediate Species in Multiscale Stochastic Reaction Networks

Daniele Cappelletti and Carsten Wiuf

Analysis of Large Unreliable Stochastic Networks

Philippe Robert

From Feynman-Kac Formulae to Numerical Stochastic Homogenization in Electrical Impedance Tomography

Petteri Piiroinen and Martin Simon

Perfect sampling for nonhomogeneous Markov chains and hidden Markov models

Nick Whiteley and Anthony Lee

Almost optimal sparsification of random geometric graphs

Nicolas Broutin, Luc Devroye, and Gabor Lugosi

Ergodic Diffusion Control of Multiclass Multi-Pool Networks in the Halfin-Whitt Regime

Ari Arapostathis and Guodong Pang

The inverse first-passage problem and optimal stopping

Erik Ekström and Svante Janson

Discrepancy bounds for uniformly ergodic Markov chain quasi-Monte Carlo

Josef Dick, Daniel Rudolf, and Houying Zhu

Connectivity Thresholds for Bounded Size Rules

Hafsteinn Einarsson, Johannes Lengler, Frank Mousset, Konstantinos Panagiotou, and Angelika Steger

Asymptotic quantization of exponential random graphs

Mei Yin, Alessandro Rinaldo, and Sukhada Fadnavis

Collision Times in Multicolor Urn Models and Sequential Graph Coloring With Applications to Discrete Logarithms

Bhaswar Bikram Bhattacharya

Fluctuation Analysis of Adaptive Multilevel Splitting

Frédéric Cérou and Arnaud Guyader

Viscosity Solutions of Fully Nonlinear Elliptic Path Dependent Partial Differential Equations

Zhenjie Ren

Edgeworth expansion for functionals of continuous diffusion processes

Mark Podolskij and Nakahiro Yoshida

Can one make a laser out of cardboard?

Krzysztof Burdzy and Tvrtko Tadić

Genealogies in Expanding Populations

Rick Durrett and Wai-Tong (Louis) Fan

A piecewise deterministic model for a prey-predator community

Manon Costa

Reconstruction of a many-dimensional scenery with branching random walk

Henry Matzinger, Angelica Pachon, and Serguei Popov

Arbitrage, hedging and utility maximization using semi-static trading strategies with American options

Erhan Bayraktar and Zhou Zhou

Unbiasedness of some generalized Adaptive Multilevel Splitting algorithms

Charles-Edouard Brehier, Maxime Gazeau, Ludovic Goudenege, Tony Lelievre, Mathias Rousset

Lattice Approximations of Reflected Stochastic Partial Differential Equations Driven by Space-Time White Noise

Tusheng Zhang

Central Limit Theorems of a Recursive Stochastic Algorithm with Applications to Adaptive Designs

Lixin Zhang

A functional central limit theorem for branching random walks, almost sure weak convergence, and applications to random trees

Rudolf Grübel and Zakhar Kabluchko

Large-time asymptotics for European and barrier options under local/stochastic volatility with jumps - principal eigenvalues and the Donsker-Varadhan I-function

Martin Forde and Rohini Kumar

Trapping Games on Random Boards

Riddhipratim Basu, Alexander Holroyd, James Martin, and Johan Wastlund

Optimal Skorokhod Embedding Give Full Marginals and Azéma-Yor Peacocks

Sigrid Kallblad, Xiaolu Tan, and Nizar Touzi

Lotka Volterra with randomly fluctuating environments or "how switching between beneficial environments can make survival harder"

Michel Benaïm and Claude Lobry

Tracy-Widom Distribution for the Largest Eigenvalue of Real Sample Covariance Matrices with General Population

Ji Oon Lee and Kevin Schnelli

Transition from Gaussian to non-Gaussian fluctuations for mean-field diffusions in spatial interaction

Eric Luçon and Wilhelm Stannat

Gaussian Phase Transitions and Conic Intrinsic Volumes: Steining the Steiner Formula

Larry Goldstein, Ivan Nourdin, and Giovanni Peccati

Achieving Non-Zero Information Velocity in Wireless Networks

Srikanth Krishnan Iyer and Rahul Vaze

Polynomial convergence to equilibrium for a system of interacting particles

Lai-Sang Young and Yao Li

Two-dimensional volume-frozen percolation: exceptional scales

Jacob van den Berg and Pierre Nolin

One-dimensional random walks with self-blocking immigration

Matthias Birkner and Rongfeng Sun

Nonequilibrium Fluctuations of One-Dimensional Boundary Driven Weakly Asymmetric Exclusion Processes

Patricia Goncalves, Claudio Landim, and Aniura Milanes

Maxima of a randomized Riemann Zeta function, and branching random walks

Louis-Pierre Arguin, David Belius, and Adam Harper

Distances between nested densities and a measure of the impact of the prior in Bayesian statistics

Christophe Ley, Gesine Reinert, and Yvik Swan

An epidemic in a dynamic population with importation of infectives

Frank Ball, Tom Britton, and Pieter Trapman

ε-Strong Simulation for Multidimensional Stochastic Differential Equations via Rough Path Analysis

Jose Blanchet, Xinyun Chen, and Jing Dong

Universal Limit Theorems in Graph Coloring Problems With Connections to Extremal Combinatorics

Bhaswar B. Bhattacharya, Persi Diaconis, and Sumit Mukherjee

Nucleation scaling in jigsaw percolation

Janko Gravner and David Sivakoff

Degree Sequence of Random Permutation Graphs

Bhaswar Bikram Bhattacharya and Sumit Mukherjee

Hydrodynamic Limits and Propagation of Chaos for Interacting Random Walks in Domains

Zhen-Qing Chen and Wai-Tong (Louis) Fan

Convex duality for stochastic singular control problems

Peter Bank and Helena Kauppila

Stationary Eden model on Cayley graphs

Eviatar Ben Procaccia and Tonći Antunović

Stein's method for steady-state diffusion approximations of M/PH/N + M systems

Anton Braverman and J. G. Dai

Looking for vertex number one

Alan Frieze and Wesley Pegden

Chi-square approximation by Stein's method with application to Pearson's statistic

Robert Edward Gaunt, Alastair Pickett, and Gesine Reinert

Kac's Walk on n-sphere mixes in n log n steps

Natesh S Pillai and Aaron Matthew Smith

On the connection between symmetric N-player games and mean field games

Markus Fischer

Finite-length Analysis on Tail probability for Markov Chain and Application to Simple Hypothesis Testing

Shun Watanabe and Masahito Hayashi

A piecewise deterministic scaling limit of Lifted Metropolis-Hastings in the Curie-Weiss model

Joris Bierkens and Gareth Roberts

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