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Estimating heterogeneous graphical models for discrete data with an application to roll call voting

Jian Guo, Jie Chengy, Elizaveta Levina, George Michailidis, and Ji Zhu

A Two-State Mixed Hidden Markov Model for Risky Teenage Driving Behavior

John Jackson, Paul Albert, and Zhang Zhiwei

Wavelet-based genetic association analysis of functional phenotypes arising from high-throughput sequencing assays

Heejung Shim and Matthew Stephens

Bayesian Group LASSO for Nonparametric Varying-Coefficient Models with Application to Functional Genome-Wide Association Studies

Rongling Wu

Sex, lies and self-reported counts: Bayesian mixture models for heaping in longitudinal count data via birth-death processes

Forrest W. Crawford, Robert E. Weiss, and Marc A. Suchard

Semi-Parametric Time to Event Models in the Presence of Error-Prone, Self-Reported Outcomes - With Application to the Women's Health Initiative

Xiangdong Gu, Yunsheng Ma, and Raji Balasubramanian

Regression based principal component analysis for sparse functional data with applications to screening growth paths

Wenfei Zhang and Ying Wei

Weakly Supervised Clustering: Learning Fine-Grained Signals from Coarse Labels

Stefan Wager, Alexander Blocker, and Niall Cardin

Multi-Species Distribution Modeling Using Penalized Mixture of Regressions

Francis Hui, David Warton, and Scott Foster

Jump Detection in Generalized Error-in-Variables Regression with an Application to Australian Health Tax Policies

Yicheng Kang, Xiaodong Gong, Jiti Gao, and Peihua Qiu

HMMSEQ: A Hidden Markov Model for Detecting Differentially Expressed Genes from RNA-SEQ Data

Shiqi Cui, Subharup Guha, Marco A. R. Ferreira, and Allison N. Tegge

Covariance pattern mixture models for the analysis of multivariate heterogeneous longitudinal data

Laura Anderlucci and Cinzia Viroli

A Bayesian Feature Allocation Model for Tumor Heterogeneity

Juhee Lee, Peter Mueller, Kamalakar Gulukota, and Yuan Ji

Spatial Bayesian Variable Selection and Grouping in High-dimensional Scalar-on-Image Regressions

Fan Li, Tingting Zhang, Quanli Wang, Marlen Gonzalez, Erin Maresh, and James Coan

Tracking Rapid Intracellular Movements: A Bayesian Random Set Approach

Vasileios Maroulas and Andreas Nebenfuhr

Bayesian detection of embryonic gene expression onset in C. elegans

Jie Hu, Zhongyi Zhao, Hari Yalamanchili, Junwen Wang, Kenny Ye, and Xiaodan Fan

Assessing phenotypic correlation through the multivariate phylogenetic latent liability model

Gabriela B. Cybis, Janet S. Sinsheimer, Trevor Bedford, Alison E. Mather, Philippe Lemey, and Marc A. Suchard

Examining Socioeconomic Health Disparities Using A Rank-Dependent Renyi Index

Makram Talih

Bayesian structured additive distributional regression with an application to regional income inequality in Germany

Nadja Klein, Thomas Kneib, Stefan Lang, and Alexander Sohn

Modeling sea-level change using errors-in-variables integrated Gaussian processes

Niamh Cahill, Andrew C Kemp, Benjamin P Horton, and Andrew C Parnell

Sample size determination for training cancer classifiers from microarray and RNAseq data

Sandra Safo, Xiao Song, and Kevin K Dobbin

Biased sampling designs to improve research efficiency: Factors influencing pulmonary function over time in children with asthma

Jonathan Scott Schildcrout, Paul J Rathouz, Leila R Zelnick, Shawn P Garbett, and Patrick J Heagerty

Estimating Population Size Using the Network Scale Up Method

Rachael Maltiel, Adrian E. Raftery, and Tyler H. McCormick

Goodness of Fit in Nonlinear Dynamics: Mis-specified Rates or Mis-specified States?

Giles Hooker and Stephen Paul Ellner

Wavelet-domain regression and predictive inference in psychiatric neuroimaging

Philip Reiss, Lan Huo, Todd Ogden, Yihong Zhao, and Clare Kelly

A Bayesian hierarchical model for inferring player strategy types in a number guessing game

P. Richard Hahn, Indranil Goswami, and Carl Mela

Distributed Multinomial Regression

Matt Taddy

A Bayesian spatiotemporal model for reconstructing climate from multiple pollen records

Lasse Holmström, Liisa Ilvonen, Heikki Seppä, and Siim Veski

Inferring Constructs of Effective Teaching from Classroom Observations: An Application of Bayesian Exploratory Factor Analysis Without Restrictions

J.R. Lockwood, Terrance D. Savitsky, and Daniel F. McCaffrey

Vertex Nomination Schemes for Membership Prediction

Carey E. Priebe

Bayesian Motion Estimation for Dust Aerosols

Fabian E Bachl, Alex Lenkoski, Thordis L Thorarinsdottir, and Christoph S Garbe

Using Somatic Mutation Data To Test Tumors For Clonal Relatedness

Irina Ostrovnaya, Venkatraman E Seshan, and Colin B Begg

Regularized brain reading with shrinkage and smoothing

Leila Wehbe, Aaditya Ramdas, Rebecca C. Steorts, and Cosma Rohilla Shalizi

Population counts along elliptical habitat contours: hierarchical modelling using Poisson-lognormal mixtures with nonstationary spatial structure

Alexandra M Schmidt, Marco A Rodriguez, and Estelina S Capistrano

Multilinear tensor regression for longitudinal relational data

Peter Hoff

Combining nonexchangeable functional or survival data sources in oncology using generalized mixture commensurate priors

Thomas A Murray, Brian P Hobbs, and Bradley P Carlin

Quantile Regression for Mixed Models

Luke B. Smith, Brian J. Reich, Penny Gordon-Larsen, and Montserrat Fuentes

SLOPE -- Adaptive Variable Selection via Convex Optimization

Malgorzata Bogdan, Ewout van den Berg, Chiara Sabatti, Weijie Su, and Emmanuel Jean Candes

Probabilistic Wind Speed Forecasting on a Grid Based on Ensemble Model Output Statistics

Michael Scheuerer and David Möller

Network Assisted Analysis to Reveal the Genetic Basis of Autism

Li Liu, Jing Lei, and Kathryn Roeder

A Bayesian approach to the evaluation of risk-based microbiological criteria for Campylobacter in broiler meat

Jukka Ranta, Roland Lindqvist, Ingrid Hansson, Pirkko Tuominen, and Maarten Nauta

Bayesian Analysis of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Dynamics with Application to Irregularly Spaced Sparse Data

Zhaohua Lu, Sy-mii Chow, Andrew Sherwood, and Hongtu Zhu

A new framework for Euclidean summary statistics in neural spike train space

Sergiusz Wesolowski, Robert J. Contreras, and Wei Wu

Interpretable classifiers using rules and Bayesian analysis: Building a better stroke prediction model

Benjamin Letham, Cynthia Rudin, Tyler H. McCormick, and David Madigan

Sequential Advantage Selection for Optimal Treatment Regimes

Ailin Fan, Wenbin Lu, and Rui Song

Calibrating a large computer experiment simulating radiative shock hydrodynamics

Robert B Gramacy, Derek Bingham, James Paul Holloway, Michael J. Grosskopf, Carolyn C. Kuranz, Erica Rutter, Matt Trantham, and Paul R. Drake

Nonparametric Multi-level Clustering of Human Epilepsy Seizures

Drausin Wulsin, Shane T. Jensen, and Brian Litt

Joint Modeling of Longitudinal Drug Using Pattern and Time to First Relapse in Cocaine Dependence Treatment Data

Jun Ye, Yehua Li, and Yongtao Guan

Bayesian Analysis of Traffic Flow on Interstate I-55: The LWR Model

Nicholas Polson and Vadim Sokolov

The Gibbs-plaid Biclustering Model

Thierry Chekouo, Alejandro Murua, and Wolfgang Raffelsberger

Quantifying alternative splicing from paired-end RNA-sequencing data

David Rossell

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