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Editorial: Estimating the Historical and Future Probabilities of Large Terrorist Events

Susan M Paddock

Estimating heterogeneous graphical models for discrete data with an application to roll call voting

Jian Guo, Jie Chengy, Elizaveta Levina, George Michailidis, and Ji Zhu

Bayesian modeling of bacterial growth for multiple populations

Michael Peter Wiper, Ana Paula Palacios, Juan Miguel Marín, and Emiliano Quinto

Bayesian Sparse Graphical Models for Classification with Application to Protein Expression Data

Veerabhadran Baladandayuthapani, Rajesh Talluri, Yuan Ji, Kevin R Coombes, Bryan T Hennessy, Michael A Davies, and Bani K Mallick

Spatial Accessibility of Pediatric Primary Healthcare: Measurement and Inference

Nicoleta Serban, Mallory Nobles, and Julie Swann

A Generalized Mixed Model Framework for Assessing Fingerprint Individuality in Presence of Varying Image Quality

Sarat C Dass, Chae Young Lim, and Tapabrata Maiti

Nonlinear Predictive Latent Process Models for Integrating Spatio-Temporal Exposure Data from Multiple Sources

Nikolay Bliznyuk, Christopher Paciorek, Joel Schwartz, and Brent Coull

Rank Discriminants for Predicting Phenotypes from RNA Expression

Bahman Afsari, Ulisses Braga Neto, and Donald Geman

Time-warped Growth Processes, with Applications to the Modeling of Boom-bust Cycles in House Prices

Jie Peng, Debashis Paul, and Hans Mueller

A Bayesian Approach for Predicting the Popularity of Tweets

Tauhid Zaman, Emily B. Fox, and Eric T. Bradlow

Joint Modeling of Multiple Time Series via the Beta Process with Application to Motion Capture Segmentation

Emily Beth Fox, Michael C. Hughes, Erik B. Sudderth, and Michael I. Jordan

Power-law models for infectious disease spread

Sebastian Meyer and Leonhard Held

A Location-Mixture Autoregressive Model for Online Forecasting of Lung Tumor Motion

Daniel Cervone, Natesh S. Pillai, Debdeep Pati, Ross Berbeco, and John Henry Lewis

Reducing estimation bias in adaptively changing monitoring networks with preferential site selection

James V Zidek, Gavin Shaddick, and Carolyn G Taylor

Two-Phase Sampling Experiment for Propensity Score Estimation in Self-Selected Samples

Sixia Chen and Jae Kwang Kim

Imputation of truncated p-values for meta-analysis methods and its genomic application

Shaowu Tang, Ying Ding, Etienne Sibille, Jeffrey S Mogil, William R Lariviere, and George C Tseng

Longitudinal High-Dimensional Principal Components Analysis with Application to Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Multiple Sclerosis

Vadim Zipunnikov, Sonja Greven, Haochang Shou, Brian Caffo, Daniel S. Reich, and Ciprian Crainiceanu

Degradation-based Residual Life Prediction Under Different Environments

Rensheng R. Zhou, Nicoleta Serban, and Nagi Gebraeel

Automatic Estimation of Flux Distributions of Astrophysical Source Populations

Raymond K. W. Wong, Paul Baines, Alexander Aue, Thomas C M Lee, and Vinay L. Kashyap

Functional Clustering in Nested Designs: Modeling Variability in Reproductive Epidemiology Studies

Abel Rodriguez and David B. Dunson

On Analysis of Incomplete Field Failure Data

Zhisheng Ye and Hon Keung Tony Ng

Change Points and Temporal Dependence in Reconstructions of Annual Temperature: Did Europe Experience a Little Ice Age?

Morgan Kelly and Cormac O Grada

Modeling the Effect of Temperature on Ozone-Related Mortality

Ander Wilson, Ana G Rappold, Lucas M Neas, and Brian James Reich

Variable Selection Inference for Bayesian Additive Regression Trees

Justin Bleich, Adam Kapelner, Edward I. George, and Shane T. Jensen

Incorporating Geostrophic Wind Information for Improved Space-Time Short-Term Wind Speed Forecasting

Xinxin Zhu, Kenneth Bowman, and Marc Genton

A Bayesian Hierarchical Spatial Point Process Model for Multi-Type Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis

Jian Kang, Thomas E. Nichols, Tor D. Wager, and Timothy D. Johnson

Convex hierarchical testing of interactions

Jacob Bien, Noah Simon, and Rob Tibshirani

Nonstationary Etas Models for Nonstandard Earthquakes

Takao Kumazawa and Yosihiko Ogata

A Testing Based Extraction Algorithm for Identifying Significant Communities in Networks

James David Wilson, Simi Wang, Shankar Bhamidi, Andrew Nobel, and Peter Mucha

Joint Estimation of Multiple Related Biological Networks

Chris J. Oates, Jim Korkola, Joe W. Gray, and Sach Mukherjee

Inference for Deformation and Interference in 3D Printing

Arman Sabbaghi, Tirthankar Dasgupta, Qiang Huang, and Jizhe Zhang

Equivalence Testing for Functional Data with an Application to Comparing Pulmonary Function Devices

Colin Fogarty and Dylan Small

A novel spectral method for inferring general diploid selection from time series genetic data

Matthias Steinrücken, Anand Bhaskar, and Yun S. Song

A Two-State Mixed Hidden Markov Model for Risky Teenage Driving Behavior

John Jackson, Paul Albert, and Zhang Zhiwei

Spatio-temporal modelling of extreme storms

Theodoros Economou, David B. Stephenson, and Christopher A. T. Ferro

Voronoi cell based residual analysis of spatial point process models with applications to Southern California earthquake forecasts

Andrew Bray, Ka Wong, Christopher D. Barr, and Frederic Paik Schoenberg

Global estimation of child mortality using a Bayesian B-spline bias-reduction model

Leontine Alkema and Jin Rou New

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