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Elicitability and backtesting: Perspectives for banking regulation

Natalia Nolde and Johanna F. Ziegel

Discussion of "Elicitability and backtesting: Perspectives for banking regulation"

Hajo Holzmann and Bernhard Klar

Discussion of "Elicitability and backtesting: Perspectives for banking regulation"

Patrick Schmidt

Discussion of "Elicitability and backtesting: Perspectives for banking regulation"

Mark H. A. Davis

Discussion of "Elicitability and backtesting: Perspectives for banking regulation"

Chen Zhou

Discussion of "Elicitability and backtesting: Perspectives for banking regulation"

Marie Kratz

Elicitability and backtesting: Perspectives for banking regulation

Natalia Nolde and Johanna F. Ziegel

Estimating cellular pathways from an ensemble of heterogeneous data sources

Alexander M. Franks, Florian Markowetz, and Edoardo M. Airoldi

Latent Space Models for Multiview Network Data

Michael Salter-Townshend and Tyler McCormick

Estimating average causal effects under general interference, with application to a social network experiment

Peter Michael Aronow and Cyrus Samii

A Bayesian approach to the global estimation of maternal mortality

Leontine Alkema, Sanqian Zhang, Doris Chou, Alison Gemmill, Ann-Beth Moller, Doris Ma Fat, Colin Mathers, and Daniel Hogan

Maximum likelihood features for generative image models

Lo-Bin Chang, Eran Borenstein, Wei Zhang, and Stuart Geman

Bayesian estimates of astronomical time delays between gravitationally lensed stochastic light curves

Hyungsuk Tak, Kaisey Mandel, David A. van Dyk, Vinay L Kashyap, Xiao-Li Meng, and Aneta Siemiginowska

Comparing healthcare utilization patterns via global differences in the endorsement of Current Procedural Terminology codes

Xu Shi, Hristina Pashova, and Patrick Heagerty

Gaussian process framework for temporal dependence and discrepancy functions in Ricker-type population growth models

Marcelo Hartmann, Geoff Hosack, Richard Hillary, and Jarno Vanhatalo

A semi-parametric method to simulate bivariate space-time extremes

Romain Chailan, Gwladys Toulemonde, and Jean-Noël Bacro

Estimating links of a network from time to event data

Tso-Jung Yen, Zong-Rong Lee, Yi-Hau Chen, Yu-Min Yen, and Jing-Shiang Hwang

A variational EM method for mixed membership models with multivariate rank data: An analysis of public policy preferences

Y. Samuel Wang, Ross Matsueda, and Elena A. Erosheva

Co-evolution of social networks and continuous actor attributes

Nynke M. D. Niezink and Tom A. B. Snijders

A novel and efficient algorithm for de novo discovery of mutated driver pathways

Binghui Liu, Chong Wu, Xiaotong Shen, and Wei Pan

Latent class modeling using matrix covariates with application to identifying early placebo responders based on EEG signals

Bei Jiang, Eva Petkova, Thaddeus Tarpey, and R. Todd Ogden

A multi-state conditional logistic regression model for the analysis of animal movement

Aurélien Nicosia, Thierry Duchesne, Louis-Paul Rivest, and Daniel Fortin

Bayesian large-scale multiple regression with summary statistics from genome-wide association studies

Xiang Zhu and Matthew Stephens

Modeling CD4+ T cells dynamics in HIV-infected patients receiving repeated cycles of exogenous Interleukin 7

Ana Jarne, Daniel Commenges, Laura Villain, Mélanie Prague, Yves Lévy, and Rodolphe Thiébaut

What can be learned from a simple table? Bayesian inference and sensitivity analysis for causal effects from 2 x 2 tables in the presence of unmeasured confounding

Luke Keele and Kevin Quinn

Dynamic mixtures of factor analyzers to characterize multivariate air pollutant exposures

Antonello Maruotti, Jan Bulla, Francesco Lagona, Marco Picone, and Francesca Martella

Dynamic prediction of disease progression for leukemia patients by functional principal component analysis of longitudinal expression levels of an oncogene

Fangrong Yan, Xiao Lin, and Xuelin Huang

Model-based clustering with data correction for removing artifacts in gene expression data

William Chad Young, Adrian E. Raftery, and Ka Yee Yeung

A unified framework for variance component estimation with summary statistics in genome-wide association studies

Xiang Zhou

Shape-constrained uncertainty quantification in unfolding steeply falling elementary particle spectra

Mikael Kuusela and Philip Bradford Stark

Towards Bayesian inference of the spatial distribution of proteins from three-cube Förster resonance energy transfer data

Jan-Otto Hooghoudt, Margarida Barroso, and Rasmus Waagepetersen

Integrative exploration of large high-dimensional datasets

Christopher Pardy, Sally Galbraith, and Susan R. Wilson

Biomarker change point estimation with right censoring in longitudinal studies

Xiaoying Tang, Michael I. Miller, and Laurent Younes

Doubly robust estimation of optimal treatment regimes for survival data

Runchao Jiang, Wenbin Lu, Rui Song, Michael G. Hudgens, and Sonia Naprvavnik

The problem of infra-marginality in outcome tests for discrimination

Camelia Simoiu, Sam Corbett-Davies, and Sharad Goel

Dynamic prediction for multiple repeated measures and event time data: An application to Parkinson's disease

Jue Wang, Sheng Luo, and Liang Li

Photodegradation modeling based on laboratory accelerated test data and predictions under outdoor weathering for polymeric materials

Yuanyuan Duan, Yili Hong, William Q. Meeker, Deborah L. Stanley, and Xiaohong Gu

Variable selection for latent class analysis with application to low back pain diagnosis

Michael Fop, Keith M. Smart, and Thomas Brendan Murphy

Testing high dimensional covariance matrices, with application to detecting schizophrenia risk genes

Lingxue Zhu, Jing Lei, Bernie Devlin, and Kathryn Roeder

Inference for respondent-driven sampling with misclassification

Isabelle S. Beaudry, Krista J. Gile, and Shruti H. Mehta

A spatio-temporal modeling framework for weather radar image data in tropical Southeast Asia

Xiao Liu, Vik Gopal, and Jayant Kalagnanam

Adjustment of non-confounding covariates in case-control genetic association studies

Hong Zhang, Nilanjan Chatterjee, Daniel Rader, and Jinbo Chen

How Gaussian mixture models might miss detecting factors that impact growth patterns

Brianna Heggeseth and Nicholas Jewell

Learning population and subject-specific brain connectivity networks via mixed neighborhood selection

Ricardo Pio Monti, Christoforos Anagnostopoulos, and Giovanni Montana

Multivariate spatiotemporal modeling of age-specific stroke mortality

Harrison Quick, Lance Waller, and Michele Casper

A random-effects hurdle model for predicting bycatch of endangered marine species

Eva Cantoni, Joanna Mills Flemming, and Alan H. Welsh

Empirical Bayesian analysis of simultaneous changepoints in multiple data sequences

Zhou Fan and Lester Mackey

Bayesian inference for multiple Gaussian graphical models with application to metabolic association networks

Linda Siew Li Tan, Ajay Jasra, Maria De Iorio, and Timothy Ebbels

Semi-parametric covariate-modulated local false discovery rate for genome-wide association studies

Rong W. Zablocki, Richard A. Levine, Andrew J. Schork, Shujing Xu, Yunpeng Wang, Chun C. Fan, and Wesley K. Thompson

Point process models for spatio-temporal distance sampling data from a large-scale survey of blue whales

Yuan Yuan, Fabian E. Bachl, Finn Lindgren, David L. Borchers, Janine B. Illian, Stephen T. Buckland, Håvard Rue, and Tim Gerrodette

Modeling node incentives in directed networks

Deepayan Chakrabarti

Automatic matching of bullet land impressions

Eric Riemer Hare, Heike Hofmann, and Alicia Carriquiry

Extreme value modelling of water-related insurance claims

Christian Rohrbeck, Emma F. Eastoe, Arnoldo Frigessi, and Jonathan A. Tawn

Estimating the number of casualties in the American Indian war: A Bayesian analysis using the power law distribution

Colin Gillespie

A testing based approach to the discovery of differentially correlated variable sets

Kelly Bodwin, Kai Zhang, and Andrew B. Nobel

Statistical downscaling for future extreme wave heights in the North Sea

Ross Paul Towe, Emma Frances Eastoe, Jonathan Angus Tawn, and Philip Jonathan

Biomarker assessment and combination with differential covariate effects and an unknown gold standard, with an application to Alzheimer's disease

Zheyu Wang and Xiao-Hua Andrew Zhou

A phylogenetic scan test on Dirichlet-tree multinomial model for microbiome data

Yunfan Tang, Li Ma, and Dan Liviu Nicolae

Robust dependence modeling for high-dimensional covariance matrices with financial applications

Zhe Zhu and Roy E. Welsch

Focusing on regions of interest in forecast evaluation

Hajo Holzmann and Bernhard Klar

Time-varying extreme value dependence with applications to leading European stock markets

Miguel de Carvalho, Daniela Castro, and Jenniffer Wadsworth

Phenomenological forecasting of disease incidence using heteroskedastic Gaussian processes: A dengue case study

Leah R. Johnson, Robert B. Gramacy, Jeremy Cohen, Erin A. Mordecai, Courtney Murdock, Jason Rohr, Sadie J. Ryan, Anna M. Stewart-Ibarra, and Daniel Weikel

Spatial capture-recapture with partial identity: An application to camera traps

Ben Augustine, J. Andrew Royle, Marcella J. Kelly, Christopher B. Satter, Robert S. Alonso, Erin E. Boydston, and Kevin R. Crooks

Automated threshold selection for extreme value analysis via ordered goodness-of-fit tests with adjustment for false discovery rate

Brian Bader, Jun Yan, and Xuebin Zhang

An empirical study of the maximal and total information coefficients and leading measures of dependence

David N. Reshef, Yakir A. Reshef, Pardis C. Sabeti, and Michael Mitzenmacher

Design of vaccine trials during outbreaks with and without a delayed vaccination comparator

Natalie Exner Dean, M. Elizabeth Halloran, and Ira M. Longini

Two-level structural sparsity regularization for identifying lattices and defects in noisy images

Xin Li, Alex Belianinov, Ondrej Dyck, Stephen Jesse, and Chiwoo Park

Network-based feature screening with applications to genome data

Mengyun Wu, Liping Zhu, and Xingdong Feng

Multivariate integer-valued time series with flexible autocovariances and their application to major hurricane counts

James Livsey, Robert Lund, Stefanos Kechagias, and Vladas Pipiras

Stochastic simulation of predictive space-time scenarios of wind speed using observations and physical model outputs

Julie Bessac, Emil Constantinescu, and Mihai Anitescu

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