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Fiber Direction Estimation in Diffusion MRI

Raymond Wong, Thomas C M Lee, Debashis Paul, and Jie Peng

Discussion of "Fiber Direction Estimation in Diffusion MRI"

Armin Schwartzman

Discussion of "Fiber Direction Estimation in Diffusion MRI"

Nicole A Lazar

Discussion of "Fiber Direction Estimation in Diffusion MRI"

Jian Kang and Lexin Li

Rejoinder: "Fiber direction estimation, smoothing and tracking in diffusion MRI"

Raymond K W Wong, Thomas C M Lee, Debashis Paul, and Jie Peng

Introduction to "Coauthorship and citation networks for statisticians"

Bernard W. Silverman

Discussion of "Co-authorship and citation networks for statisticians"

Jiashun Jin and Pengsheng Ji

Discussion of "Co-authorship and citation networks for statisticians"

Abel Rodriguez, Pedro Regueiro, and Juan Camilo Sosa

Discussion of "Co-authorship and citation networks for statisticians"

Song Wang and Karl Rohe

Discussion of "Co-authorship and citation networks for statisticians"

Vishesh Karwa and Sonja Petrovic

Discussion of "Co-authorship and citation networks for statisticians"

Mladen Kolar and Matt Taddy

Discussion of "Co-authorship and citation networks for statisticians"

Forrest W. Crawford

Assessing the Casual Effects of Financial Aids to Firms in Tuscany Allowing for Interference

Bruno Arpino and Alessandra Mattei

Deconvolution of Base Pair Level RNA-Seq Read Counts for Quantification of Transcript Expression Levels

Yu Zhu and Han Wu

Gene-Proximity Models for Genome-wide Association Studies

Ian Johnston, Timothy Hancock, Hiroshi Mamitsuka, and Luis Carvalho

Compared to What? Variation in the Impacts of Early Childhood Education by Alternative Care-Type Settings

Avi Feller, Todd Grindal, Luke Miratrix, and Lindsay Page

Estimating cellular pathways from an ensemble of heterogeneous data sources

Alexander M. Franks, Florian Markowetz, and Edoardo M. Airoldi

Categorical Data Fusion Using Auxiliary Information

Bailey K Fosdick, Maria DeYoreo, and Jerome P Reiter

Non-separable Dynamic Nearest-Neighbor Gaussian Process Models for Spatio-Temporal Data With an Application to Particulate Matter Analysis

Abhirup Datta, Sudipto Banerjee, Andrew Oliver Finley, Nicholas A Hamm, and Martijn Schaap

Parallel Partial Gaussian Process Emulation for Computer Models with Massive Output

Mengyang Gu and James O. Berger

A Hierarchical Framework for State-Space Matrix Inference and Clustering

Chandler Zuo, Kailei Chen, Kyle J. Hewitt, Emery H. Bresnick, and Sunduz Keles

Detection of Epigenomic Network Community Oncomarkers

Thomas E Bartlett and Alexey Zaikin

Sparse Median Graphs Estimation in a High Dimensional Semiparametric Model

Fang Han, Xiaoyan Han, Han Liu, and Brian Caffo

Quantifying the spatial inequality and temporal trends in maternal smoking rates in Glasgow

Duncan Paul Lee and Andrew Lawson

Using Scheffe Projections for Multiple Outcomes in an Observational Study of Smoking and Periodontal Disease

Paul R Rosenbaum

Functional Covariate-Adjusted Partial Area Under the Specificity-ROC Curve With an Application to Metabolic Syndrome Diagnosis

Vanda Inacio de Carvalho, Miguel de Carvalho, Todd Alonzo, and Wenceslao González-Manteiga

Bayesian nonparametric dependent model for partially replicated data: the influence of fuel spills on species diversity

Julyan Arbel, Kerrie Mengersen, and Judith Rousseau

Bayesian data fusion approaches to predicting spatial tracks: Application to marine mammals

Yang Liu, James V Zidek, Andrew W Trites, and Brian C Battaile

Investigating differences in brain functional networks using hierarchical covariate-adjusted independent component analysis

Ran Shi and Ying Guo

Linking lung airway structure to pulmonary function via composite bridge regression

Kun Chen, Eric Hoffman, Indu Seetharaman, Feiran Jiao, Ching-Long Lin, and Kung-Sik Chan

A Bayesian predictive model for imaging genetics with application to schizophrenia

Thierry Chekouo, Francesco Claudio Stingo, Michele Guindani, and Kim-Anh Do

Open models for removal data

Eleni Matechou, Rachel S. McCrea, Byron J. T. Morgan, Darryn J Nash, and Richard A. Griffiths

Spatio-temporal assimilation of modelled catchment loads with monitoring data in the Great Barrier Reef

Daniel W. Gladish, Petra M. Kuhnert, Daniel E. Pagendam, Christopher K. Wikle, Rebecca Bartley, Ross D. Searle, Robin J. Ellis, Cameron Dougall, Ryan Turner, Stephen E. Lewis, Zoe T. Bainbridge, and Jon E. Brodie

Assessing differences in legislators' revealed preferences: A case study on the 107th U.S. Senate

Chelsea Loomis Lofland, Abel Rodriguez, and Scott Moser

Molecular QTL discovery incorporating genomic annotations using Bayesian false discovery rate control

Xiaoquan Wen

Mortality and life expectancy forecasting for a group of populations in developed countries: A multilevel functional data method

Han Lin Shang

Data Mining to Investigate the Meteorological Drivers for Extreme Ground Level Ozone Events

Brook Russell, Daniel S Cooley, William C Porter, Brian J Reich, and Colette L Heald

Latent Space Models for Multiview Network Data

Michael Salter-Townshend and Tyler McCormick

Multiple Testing under Dependence via Graphical Models

Jie Liu, Chunming Zhang, and David Page

Spatially inhomogeneous background rate estimators and uncertainty quantification for nonparametric Hawkes point process models of earthquake occurrences

Eric Warren Fox, Frederic Paik Schoenberg, and Joshua Seth Gordon

Correction of Bifurcated River Flow Measurements from Historical Data: Paving the Way for Teesta Water Sharing Treaty

Kaushik Jana, Debasis Sengupta, and Kalyan Rudra

Improving covariate balance in 2^K factorial designs via rerandomization with an application to a New York City Department of Education High School Study

Zach Branson, Tirthankar Dasgupta, and Donald B. Rubin

Space and circular time log Gaussian Cox processes with application to crime event data

Shinichiro Shirota and Alan Enoch Gelfand

Predicting Melbourne ambulance demand using kernel warping

Zhengyi Zhou and David S. Matteson

Maximizing the Information Content of a Balanced Matched Sample in a Study of the Economic Performance of Green Buildings

Cinar Kilcioglu and Jose R Zubizarreta

Modeling Concurrency and Selective Mixing in Heterosexual Partnership Networks with Applications to Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Ryan Admiraal and Mark S. Handcock

Inferring rooted population trees using asymmetric neighbor joining

Yongliang Zhai and Alexandre Bouchard-Côté

Modelling the effects of the El Nino-Southern Oscillation on extreme spatial temperature events over Australia

Hugo Charles Winter, Jonathan Tawn, and Simon Brown

Change Points Detection and Identification of Chromosome Copy Number Variations in Multiple Sequences

Chi Song, Xiaoyi Min, and Heping Zhang

Cox regression with exclusion frequency-based weights to identify neuroimaging markers relevant to Huntington's disease onset

Tanya Pamela Garcia and Samuel Mueller

Bayesian Nonparameteric Multiresolution Estimation for the American Community Survey

Terrance D Savitsky

Randomization inference for stepped-wedge cluster-randomized trials: An application to community-based health insurance

Xinyao Ji, Dylan Small, Gunther Fink, and Paul Jacob Robyn

Dynamic social networks based on movement

Henry R. Scharf, Mevin B. Hooten, Bailey K. Fosdick, Devin S. Johnson, Josh M. London, and John W. Durban

Locally Adaptive Dynamic Networks

Daniele Durante and David B. Dunson

Estimating odds ratios under a case-background design with an application to a study of Sorafenib accessibility

John H Spivack and Bin Cheng

A Statistical Model to Assess (Allele-Specific) Associations between Gene Expression and Epigenetic Marks using Sequencing Data

Rashid Naim, Wei Sun, and Joseph G Ibrahim

Random effects models for identifying the most harmful medication errors in a large, voluntary reporting database

Sergio Venturini, Jessica M. Franklin, Laura Morlock, and Francesca Dominici

Smooth Principal Component Analysis over two-dimensional manifolds with an application to Neuroimaging

Eardi Lila, John A D Aston, and Laura M Sangalli

Improving ice sheet model calibration using paleoclimate and modern data

Won Chang, Murali Haran, Patrick Applegate, and David Pollard

Bayesian inference for the Brown-Resnick process, with an application to extreme low temperatures

Emeric Thibaud, Juha Aalto, Daniel S. Cooley, Anthony C. Davison, and Juha Heikkinen

A lag functional linear model for prediction of magnetization transfer ratio in multiple sclerosis lesions

Gina-Maria Pomann, Ana-Maria Staicu, Edgar J. Lobaton, Amanda F. Mejia, Blake E. Dewey, Daniel S. Reich, Elizabeth J. Sweeney, and Russell T. Shinohara

Bootstrap aggregating continual reassessment method for dose finding in drug-combination trials

Ruitao Lin and Guosheng Yin

A phylogenetic latent feature model for clonal deconvolution

Francesco Marass, Florent Mouliere, Ke Yuan, Nitzan Rosenfeld, and Florian Markowetz

Assessing systematic risk in the S&P500 index between 2000 and 2011: A Bayesian nonparametric approach

Abel Rodriguez, Ziwei Wang, and Athanasios Kottas

Exploiting TIMSS and PIRLS combined data: Multivariate multilevel modelling of student achievement

Fulvia Pennoni, Leonardo Grilli, Carla Rampichini, and Isabella Romeo

Modelling individual migration patterns using a Bayesian nonparametric approach for capture-recapture data

Eleni Matechou and François Caron

Gene network reconstruction using global-local shrinkage priors

Gwenaël G. R. Leday, Mathisca C. M. de Gunst, Gino B. Kpogbezan, Aad W. van der Vaart, Wessel N. van Wieringen, and Mark A. van de Wiel

Multivariate spatial mapping of soil water holding capacity with spatially varying cross-correlations

Rachel Marie Messick, Matthew J. Heaton, and Neil Hansen

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