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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

High-Dimensional Lipschitz Functions are Typically Flat

Ron Peled

Characterization of cutoff for reversible Markov chains

Riddhipratim Basu, Jonathan Hermon, and Yuval Peres

Conditions for permanental processes to be unbounded

Jay S Rosen and Michael B Marcus

Regularity of Wiener functionals under a Hörmander type condition of order one

Vlad Bally and Lucia Caramellino

A limit theorem for moments in space of the increments of Brownian local time

Simon Campese

Local algorithms for independent sets are half-optimal

Mustazee Rahman and Balint Virag

Invariance principles under the Maxwell-Woodroofe condition in Banach spaces

Christophe Cuny

Erratum: Scaling for a one-dimensional directed polymer with boundary conditions

Timo Seppalainen

A Structure Theorem for Poorly Anticoncentrated Polynomials of Gaussians and Applications to the Study of Polynomial Threshold Functions

Daniel Mertz Kane

Robustness of scale-free spatial networks

Emmanuel Jacob and Peter Morters

Compactification of the Action of a Point-Map on the Palm Probability of a Point Process

Francois Baccelli and Mir-Omid Haji-Mirsadeghi

Cutoff for non-backtracking random walks on sparse random graphs

Anna Ben-Hamou and Justin Salez

KPZ Equation Limit of Higher-spin Exclusion Processes

Ivan Corwin and Li-Cheng Tsai

Fundamental solutions of nonlocal Hörmander's operators II

Xicheng Zhang

Random walks on infinite percolation clusters in models with long-range correlations

Artem Sapozhnikov

Percolation on the stationary distributions of the voter model

Balázs Ráth and Daniel Valesin

Real Self-Similar Processes Started from the Origin

Leif Döring, Steffen Dereich, and Andreas Kyprianou

Limit Theorems for Point Processes under Geometric Constraints (and Topological Crackle)

Takashi Owada and Robert J. Adler

Functional central limit theorem for negatively dependent heavy-tailed stationary infinitely divisible processes generated by conservative flows

Paul Jung, Takashi Owada, and Gennady Samorodnitsky

Moment bounds for a class of fractional stochastic heat equation

Mohammud Foondun, Wei Liu, McSylvester Omaba

Universality for the pinning model in the weak coupling regime

Francesco Caravenna, Fabio Lucio Toninelli, and Niccolò Torri

An Iterated Azema-Yor Type Embedding for Finitely Many Marginals

Jan Krzysztof Obloj and Peter Spoida

Cut-off phenomenon in the uniform plane Kac walk

Bob Hough and Yunjiang Jiang

Central limit theorems and bootstrap in high dimensions

Victor Chernozhukov, Denis Chetverikov, and Kengo Kato

Limits of local algorithms over sparse random graphs

David Gamarnik and Madhu Sudan

Quadratic BSDE with L2 -terminal data: Krylov's estimate, Itô-Krylov's formula and existence results

Khaled Bahlali, M'hamed Eddahbi, and Youssef Ouknine

Global well-posedness of the dynamic Φ4 model in the plane

Jean-Christophe Mourrat and Hendrik Weber

Tail estimates for Markovian rough paths

Thomas Cass and Marcel Ogrodnik

Relative Complexity of Random Walks in Random Scenery in the absence of a weak invariance principle for the local times

George Deligiannidis and Zemer Kosloff

Einstein relation and steady states for the random conductance model

Nina Gantert, Xiaoqin Guo, and Jan Nagel

Universality for First Passage Percolation on Sparse Random Graphs

Remco van der Hofstad, Shankar Bhamidi, and Gerard Hooghiemstra

On structure of regular Dirichlet subspaces for one-dimensional Brownian motion

Liping Li and Jiangang Ying

Edge- and vertex-reinforced random walks with super-linear reinforcement on infinite graphs

Codina Cotar and Debleena Thacker

General rough integration, Lévy rough paths and a Lévy--Kintchine type formula

Peter Friz and Atul Shekhar

The scaling limit of random simple triangulations and random simple quadrangulations

Marie Albenque and Louigi Addario-Berry

Recurrence and transience for the frog model on trees

Christopher Hoffman, Tobias Johnson, and Matthew Junge

Stochastic De Giorgi Iteration and Regularity of Stochastic Partial Differential Equation

Zhenan Wang, Elton Pei Hsu, and Yu Wang

Finitary coloring

Alexander E Holroyd, Oded Schramm, and David B Wilson

A (2+1)-dimensional growth process with explicit stationary measures

Fabio Toninelli

Asymptotics for 2D Critical First Passage Percolation

Michael Damron, Wai-Kit Lam, and Xuan Wang

Obliquely reflected Brownian motion in non-smooth planar domains

Krzysztof Burdzy, Zhen-Qing Chen, Donald Marshall, and Kavita Ramanan

Complete Duality for Martingale Optimal Transport on the Line

Mathias Beiglböck, Marcel Nutz, and Nizar Touzi

The scaling limit of the minimum spanning tree of the complete graph

Louigi Addario-Berry, Nicolas Broutin, Christina Goldschmidt, and Grégory Miermont

Invariant measure for the stochastic Navier-Stokes equations in unbounded 2D domains

Zdzislaw Brzezniak, Elzbieta Motyl, Martin Ondrejat

On the behavior of diffusion processes with traps

Mark Freidlin, Leonid Koralov, and Alexander Wentzell

Integrability Conditions for SDEs and Semi-Linear SPDEs

Fengyu Wang

A Clark-Ocone formula for temporal point processes, and applications

Ian Flint and Giovanni Luca Torrisi

A system of coalescing heavy diffusion particles on the real line

Vitalii Konarovskyi

The Feynman-Kac Formula and Harnack Inequality for Degenerate Diffusions

Charles L Epstein and Camelia Pop

The complexity of spherical p-spin models - a second moment approach

Eliran Subag

Stability of geodesics in the Brownian map

Omer Angel, Brett Kolesnik, and Grégory Miermont

On the Boundary of the Support of Super-Brownian Motion

Carl Mueller, Leonid Mytnik, and Edwin Perkins

Non-backtracking spectrum of random graphs: community detection and non-regular Ramanujan graphs

Charles Bordenave, Marc Lelarge, and Laurent Massoulié

How to initialize a second class particle?

Márton Balázs and Attila László Nagy

Outliers in the spectrum of large deformed unitarily invariant models

Serban T. Belinschi, Hari Bercovici, Mireille Capitaine, and Maxime Février

Bulk eigenvalue statistics for random regular graphs

Roland Bauerschmidt, Jiaoyang Huang, Antti Knowles, and Horng-Tzer Yau

Universality of cutoff for the Ising model

Eyal Lubetzky and Allan Sly

Intermittency and multifractality: A case study via parabolic stochastic PDEs

Davar Khoshnevisan, Kunwoo Kim, and Yimin Xiao

The front location in BBM with decay of mass

Louigi Addario-Berry and Sarah Penington

BSEs, BSDEs and fixed point problems

Patrick Cheridito and Kihun Nam

A phase transition in excursions from infinity of the ‘fast’ fragmentation-coalescence process

Andreas Kyprianou, Steven Pagett, Tim Rogers, and Jason Schweinsberg

Local Single Ring Theorem

Florent Benaych-Georges

Convergence of the centered maximum of log-correlated Gaussian fields

Jian Ding, Rishideep Roy, and Ofer Zeitouni

Variational representations for the Parisi functional and the two-dimensional Guerra-Talagrand bound

Wei-Kuo Chen

The Vertex Reinforced Jump Process and a Random Schrödinger operator on finite graphs

Christophe Sabot, Pierre Tarrès, and Xiaolin Zeng

Non-equilibrium Isothermal transformations in a temperature gradient from a microscopic dynamics

Viviana Letizia and Stefano Olla

Oil and water: a two-type internal aggregation model

Elisabetta Candellero, Shirshendu Ganguly, Christopher Hoffman, and Lionel Levine

The Number of Open Paths in Oriented Percolation

Olivier Garet, Jean-Baptiste Gouéré, and Régine Marchand

Scaling limits for sub-ballistic biased random walks in random conductances

Alexander Fribergh and Daniel Kious

The Hoffmann-Jorgensen inequality in metric semigroups

Apoorva Khare and Bala Rajaratnam

Extremal eigenvalue correlations in the GUE minor process and a law of fractional logarithm

Elliot Paquette and Ofer Zeitouni

A central limit theorem for the KPZ equation

Martin Hairer and Hao Shen

The sharp threshold for the Duarte model

Béla Bollobás, Hugo Duminil-Copin, Robert Morris, and Paul Smith

Stochastic integration with respect to cylindrical Lévy processes

Adam Jakubowski and Markus Riedle

Growth exponent for loop-erased random walk in three dimensions

Daisuke Shiraishi

Central Limit Theorem for Random Walks in Doubly Stochastic Random Environment: H-1 Suffices

Gady Kozma and Balint Toth

A leader-election procedure using records

Gerold Alsmeyer, Zakhar Kabluchko, and Alexander V. Marynych

Lévy Processes and Lévy White Noise as Tempered Distributions

Robert Dalang and Thomas Humeau

Large deviations for random projections of lp balls

Nina Gantert, Steven Soojin Kim, and Kavita Ramanan

Power variation for a class of stationary increments Levy driven moving averages

Andreas Basse-O'Connor, Raphael Lachieze-Rey, and Mark Podolskij

Equilibrium Fluctuation of the Atlas Model

Amir Dembo and Li-Cheng Tsai

Stochastic heat equation with rough dependence in space

Yaozhong Hu, Jingyu Huang, Khoa Le, David Nualart, and Samy Tindel

Parisi formula for the ground state energy in the mixed p-spin model

Antonio Auffinger and Wei-Kuo Chen

Invariance Times

Stephane Crepey and Shiqi Song

Asymptotic expansion of the invariant measure for ballistic random walk in the low disorder regime

Alejandro Francisco Ramirez and David Campos

Polarity of points for Gaussian random fields

Robert Dalang, Carl Mueller, and Yimin Xiao

The vacant set of two-dimensional critical random interlacement is infinite

Francis Comets and Serguei Popov

Gaussian and non-Gaussian fluctuations for mesoscopic linear statistics in determinantal processes

Kurt Johansson and Gaultier Lambert

Existence conditions of permanental and multivariate negative binomial distributions

Nathalie Eisenbaum and Franck Maunoury

Size biased couplings and the spectral gap for random regular graphs

Nicholas Cook, Larry Goldstein, and Tobias Johnson

Path-dependent equations and viscosity solutions in infinite dimension

Salvatore Federico, Andrea Cosso, Fausto Gozzi, Mauro Rosestolato, and Nizar Touzi

An upper bound on the number of self-avoiding polygons via joining

Alan Hammond

Random planar maps & growth-fragmentations

Jean Bertoin, Nicolas Curien, and Igor Kortchemski

Dimensional improvements of the logarithmic Sobolev, Talagrand and Brascamp-Lieb inequalities

François Bolley, Ivan Gentil, and Arnaud Guillin

On global fluctuations for non-colliding processes

Maurice Duits

Quenched invariance principle for random walks with time-dependent ergodic degenerate weights

Sebastian Andres, Alberto Chiarini, Jean-Dominique Deuschel, and Martin Slowik

An L^p theory of sparse graph convergence II: LD convergence, quotients, and right convergence

Christian Borgs, Jennifer T. Chayes, Henry Cohn, and Yufei Zhao

Lattice approximation to the dynamical Φ43 model

Rongchan Zhu and Xiangchan Zhu

Random walks on the random graph

Nathanael Berestycki, Eyal Lubetzky, Yuval Peres, and Allan Sly

A class of globally solvable Markovian quadratic BSDE systems and applications

Hao Xing and Gordan Zitkovic

Stochastic Control for a Class of Nonlinear Kernels and Applications

Dylan Possamaï, Xiaolu Tan, and Chao Zhou

Large deviations of the trajectory of empirical distributions of Feller processes on locally compact spaces

Richard C. Kraaij

Free energy in the Potts spin glass

Dmitry Panchenko

Free energy in the mixed p-spin models with vector spins

Dmitry Panchenko

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