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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

From Random Lines to Metric Spaces

Wilfrid Stephen Kendall

The measurable Kesten theorem

Miklos Abert, Yair Glasner, and Balint Virag

Imaginary geometry II: reversibility of SLEK(p1;p2) for K E (0,4)

Jason Miller and Scott Sheffield

Exit laws from large balls of (an)isotropic random walks in random environment

Erich Baur and Erwin Bolthausen

Local time on the exceptional set of dynamical percolation, and the Incipient Infinite Cluster

Alan Hammond, Gábor Pete, Oded Schramm

Criteria for convergence to super-Brownian motion on path space

Remco van der Hofstad, Mark Holmes, and Edwin A. Perkins

Moments and growth indices for the nonlinear stochastic heat equation with rough initial conditions

Le Chen and Robert Dalang

Asymptotics of Symmetric Polynomials with Applications to Statistical Mechanics and Representation Theory

Vadim Gorin and Greta Panova

Supermartingales as Radon-Nikodym Densities and Related Measure Extensions

Johannes Ruf and Nicolas Perkowski

Coalescing Brownian flows: a new approach

Nathanaël Berestycki, Christophe Garban, and Arnab Sen

Planar lattices do not recover from forest fires

Demeter Kiss, Ioan Manolescu, and Vladas Sidoravicius

Strong noise sensitivity and random graphs

Eyal Lubetzky and Jeffrey E. Steif

Moments of Traces for Circular Beta-ensembles

Tiefeng Jiang and Sho Matsumoto

Cycle Density in Infinite Ramanujan Graphs

Russell Lyons and Yuval Peres

Pathwise nonuniqueness for the SPDE’s of some super-Brownian motions with immigration

Yu-Ting Chen

On multiple peaks and moderate deviations for the supremum of a Gaussian field

Jian Ding, Ronen Eldan, and Alex Zhai

Stochastic analysis on sub-Riemannian manifolds with transverse symmetries

Fabrice Baudoin

Quantitative stable limit theorems on the Wiener space

Ivan Nourdin, David Nualart, and Giovanni Peccati

On a problem of optimal transport under marginal martingale constraints

Mathias Beiglböck and Nicolas Juillet

The free energy in a multi-species Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model

Dmitry Panchenko

A monotone Sinai theorem

Anthony Quas and Terry Soo

A trajectorial interpretation of the dissipations of entropy and Fisher information for stochastic differential equations

Benjamin Jourdain and Joaquin Fontbona

Strong supermartingales and limits of non-negative martingales

Christoph Czichowsky and Walter Schachermayer

A local CLT for convolution equations with an application to weakly self-avoiding random walks

Erwin Bolthausen, Luca Avena, and Christine Ritzmann

Branching Brownian Motion in a Strip: Survival Near Criticality

Andreas Kyprianou, Simon Harris, and Marion Hesse

Discrete versions of the transport equation and the Shepp-Olkin conjecture

Erwan Hillion and Oliver Johnson

Continuum percolation in high dimensions

Jean-Baptiste Gouéré and Régine Marchand

Einstein Relation for Random Walks in Random Environment

Xiaoqin Guo

On the Cauchy Problem for Backward Stochastic Partial Differential Equations in Hoelder Spaces

Shanjian Tang and Wenning Wei

Gaussian type lower bounds for the density of solutions of SDEs driven by fractional Brownian motions

Mireia Besalú, Arturo Kohatsu-Higa, and Samy Tindel

A Curie-Weiss Model of Self-Organized Criticality

Raphaël Cerf and Matthias Gorny

Smooth approximation of stochastic differential equations

David Kelly and Ian Melbourne

On the perimeter of excursion sets of shot noise random fields

Hermine Biermé and Agnes Desolneux

Random Perturbation to the geodesic equation

Xue-Mei Li

An averaging principle for diffusions in foliated spaces

Paulo Régis Ruffino and Iván I. Gonzales Gargate

Rate of convergence of the Nanbu particle system for hard potentials

Stéphane Mischler and Nicolas Fournier

Robust Discrete Complex Analysis: A Toolbox

Dmitry Chelkak

The Jain-Monrad criterion for rough paths and applications to Random Fourier Series and Non-Markovian H Ormander Theory

Peter Friz, Benjamin Gess, Sebastian Riedel, and Archil Gulisashvili

Central Limit Theorems for Supercritical Branching Nonsymmetric Markov Processes

Yan-Xia Ren, Renming Song, and Rui Zhang

Behavior near the extinction time in self-similar fragmentations II: Finite dislocation measures

Christina Goldschmidt and Bénédicte Haas

The scaling limit of the interface of the continuous-space symbiotic branching model

Jochen Blath, Matthias Hammer, and Marcel Ortgiese

A noncommutative martingale convexity inequality

Quanhua Xu and Eric Ricard

Stuck Walks: a conjecture of Erschler, Tóth and Werner

Daniel Kious

Generalization of the Nualart-Peccati Criterion

Ehsan Azmoodeh, Dominique Malicet, Guillaume Poly, and Guillaume Mijoule

On the probability that self-avoiding walk ends at a given point

Hugo Duminil-Copin, Alexander Glazman, Alan Hammond, and Ioan Manolescu

Extremes of a class of non-homogeneous Gaussian random fields

Krzysztof Debicki, Enkelejd Hashorva, and Lanpeng Ji

Extreme nesting in the conformal loop ensemble

Jason Miller, David Bruce Wilson, and Samuel Stewart Watson

Noise-stability and central limit theorems for effective resistance of random electric networks

Raphael Rossignol

Zero-sum repeated games: counterexamples to the existence of the asymptotic value and the conjecture maxmin=lim v(n)

Bruno Ziliotto

Nonintersecting Brownian motions on the unit circle

Karl Liechty and Dong Wang

Viscosity Solutions of Fully Nonlinear Parabolic Path Dependent PDEs: Part I

Nizar Touzi, Ibrahim Ekren, and Jianfeng Zhang

Compensated fragmentation processes and limits of dilated fragmentations

Jean Bertoin

A Poisson allocation of optimal tail

Roland Marko and Adam Timar

Central limit theorem for linear groups

Yves Benoist and Jean-François Quint

A stochastic target approach to Ricci flow on surfaces

Ionel Popescu and Robert W. Neel

Mixing Time and Cutoff for the Adjacent Transposition Shuffle and the Simple Exclusion

Hubert Lacoin

Intermittency for the wave and heat equations with fractional noise in time

Raluca Madalina Balan and Daniel Conus

Spatial asymptotics for the parabolic Anderson models with generalized time-space Gaussian noise

Xia Chen

Moderate Deviation Principles for Stochastic Differential Equations with Jumps

Amarjit Budhiraja, Paul Dupuis, and Arnab Ganguly

Permanental vectors with non-symmetric kernels

Nathalie Eisenbaum

Strong invariance and noise comparison principles for some parabolic SPDEs

Mathew Joseph, Davar Khoshnevisan, and Carl Mueller

Generalized gamma approximation with rates for urns, walks and trees

Erol Peköz, Adrian Röllin, and Nathan Ross

Relaxation to equilibrium of generalized East processes on Zd: renormalization group analysis and energy-entropy competition

Fabio Martinelli, Alessandra Faggionato, and Paul Chleboun

Lazy random walks and optimal transport on graphs

Christian Leonard

Degenerate parabolic stochastic partial differential equations: Quasilinear case

Arnaud Debussche, Martina Hofmanová, and Julien Vovelle

Boundaries of planar graphs, via circle packings

Asaf Nachmias, Omer Angel, Martin Barlow, and Ori Gurel-Gurevich

The determinant of the iterated Mallavin matrix and the density of a couple of multiple integrals

David Nualart and Ciprian A. Tudor

Strong uniqueness for SDEs in Hilbert spaces with non-regular drift

Giuseppe Da Prato, Franco Flandoli, Michael Roeckner, and Alexander Veretennikov

Berry-Esseen Theorems under weak dependence

Moritz Jirak

On Approximate Continuity and the Support of Reflected Stochastic Differential Equations

Jing Wu and Jiagang Ren

From loop clusters and random interlacements to the free field

Titus Lupu

Functional Poisson approximation in Kantorovich-Rubinstein distance with applications to U-statistics and stochastic geometry

Laurent Decreusefond, Matthias Schulte, and Christoph Thäle

Intermittency for branching random walk in Pareto environment

Matthew Iain Roberts and Marcel Ortgiese

Large complex correlated Wishart matrices: Fluctuations and asymptotic independence at the edges

Walid Hachem, Adrien Hardy, and Jamal Najim

Bulk Universality for Deformed Wigner Matrices

Ji Oon Lee, Kevin Schnelli, Ben Stetler, and Horng-Tzer Yau

Matricial model for the free multiplicative convolution

Guillaume Cébron

Sharp nonasymptotic bounds on the norm of random matrices with independent entries

Afonso S. Bandeira and Ramon Van Handel

Inequalities for Hilbert operator and its extensions: the probabilistic approach

Adam Osekowski

Viscosity Solutions of Fully Nonlinear Parabolic Path Dependent PDEs: Part II

Nizar Touzi, Ibrahim Ekren, and Jianfeng Zhang

On probability laws of solutions to differential systems driven by a fractional Brownian motion

Fabrice Baudoin, Eulalia Nualart, Cheng Ouyang, and Samy Tindel

Smoluchowski-Kramers approximation and large deviations for infinite dimensional non-gradient systems with applications to the exit problem

Smoluchowski-Kramers approximation and large deviations for SPDEs

Subsequential scaling limits of simple random walk on the two-dimensional uniform spanning tree

Takashi Kumagai, Martin T. Barlow, and David A. Croydon

An infinite dimensional approach to path-dependent Kolmogorov equations

Franco Flandoli and Giovanni Zanco

Improper Poisson line process as SIRSN in any dimension

Jonas Kahn

Limits of spiked random matrices II

Alex Bloemendal and Bálint Virág

Fluctuations of the Front in a One Dimensional Model for the Spread of an Infection

Jean Berard, Alejandro Ramirez

Density analysis of BSDEs

Thibaut Mastrolia, Dylan Possamai, and Anthony Reveillac

Hafnians, Perfect Matchings and Gaussian Matrices

Mark Rudelson, Alex Samorodnitsky, and Ofer Zeitouni

Erratum to Sharp Metastability Threshold for an Anisotropic Bootstrap Percolation Model

Aernout Coert Daniel Van Enter and Hugo Duminil-Copin

Local limit theorem and equivalence of dynamic and static points of view for certain ballistic random walks in i.i.d environments

Noam Berger, Moran Cohen, and Ron Rosenthal

Fractional Brownian motion with Hurst index $H=0$ and the Gaussian Unitary Ensemble

Yan Fyodorov, Boris Khoruzhenko, and Nicholas Simm

Dissipation and high disorder

Michael Craig Cranston, Davar Khaosnevisan, Kunwoo Kim, and Le Chen

Mixed Gaussian processes: a filtering approach

Marina Kleptsyna, Pavel Chigansky, and Chunhao Cai

Liouville Brownian motion

Christophe Garban, Rémi Rhodes, and Vincent Vargas

On large deviations of coupled diffusions with time scale separation

Anatolii Puhalskii

Duality between coalescence times and exit points in last-passage percolation models

Leandro Pinto Rodrigues Pimentel

Correlation structure of the corrector in stochastic homogenization

Jean-Christophe Mourrat and Felix Otto

Interacting partially directed self avoiding walk. From phase transition to the geometry of the collapsed phase

Philippe Carmona, Nicolas Pétrélis, and Gia Bao Nguyen

Systems of interacting diffusions with partial annihilation through membranes

Zhen-Qing Chen and Wai-Tong (Louis) Fan

Scaling Limits of Random Graphs from Subcritical Classes

Konstantinos Panagiotou, Benedikt Stufler, and Kerstin Weller

A quantitative Burton-Keane estimate under strong FKG condition

Hugo Duminil-Copin, Dmitry Ioffe, and Yvan Velenik

The harmonic measure of balls in random trees

Nicolas Curien and Jean-Francois Le Gall

Continuum Percolation for Gaussian zeroes and Ginibre eigenvalues

Subhroshekhar Ghosh, Manjunath Krishnapur, and Yuval Peres

Crossing probabilities for Voronoi percolation

Vincent Tassion

The Cutoff Profile for the Simple-Exclusion Process on the Circle

Hubert Lacoin

Efron–Stein Inequalities for Random Matrices

Daniel Paulin, Lester Mackey, and Joel Aaron Tropp

Conformal weldings of random surfaces: SLE and the quantum gravity zipper

Scott Sheffield

Propagation of chaos for the Landau equation with moderately soft potentials

Nicolas Fournier and Maxime Hauray

Sobolev differentiable flows of SDEs with local Sobolev and super-linear growth coefficients

Longjie Xie and Xicheng Zhang

One-dimensional long-range diffusion-limited aggregation I

Gady Kozma

Large deviation estimates for exceedance times of perpetuity sequences and their dual processes

Dariusz Buraczewski, Jeffrey F. Collamore, Ewa Damek, and Jacek Zienkiewicz

Mean field games with common noise

Rene Carmona, Francois Delarue, and Daniel Lacker

Quantum gravity and inventory accumulation

Scott Sheffield

A central limit theorem for the Euler characteristic of a Gaussian excursion set

Anne Estrade and José Rafael León

Wired Cycle-Breaking Dynamics for Uniform Spanning Forests

Tom Hutchcroft

The slow regime of randomly biased walks on trees

Yueyun Hu and Zhan Shi

Brownian Occupation Measures, Compactness and Large Deviations

Chiranjib Mukherjee and Srinivasa S R Varadhan

The Chaotic Representation Property of Compensated-Covariation Stable Families of Martingales

Paolo Di Tella and Hans-Jürgen Engelbert

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