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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Variations and estimators for selfsimilarity parameters via Malliavin calculus

Ciprian A. Tudor and Frederi G. Viens

Upcrossing Inequalities for Stationary Sequences and Applications

Michael Hochman

Stein's method and exact Berry-Esséen asymptotics for functionals of Gaussian fields

Ivan Nourdin and Giovanni Peccati

Relations between invasion percolation and critical percolation in two dimensions

Michael Damron, Artëm Sapozhnikov, Bálint Vágvölgyi

Fractional martingales and characterization of the fractional Brownian motion

Yaozhong Hu, David Nualart, and Jian Song

Multivariate normal approximation with Stein's method of exchangeable pairs under a general linearity condition

Adrian Roellin and Gesine Reinert

The Packing Measure of the Range of Super-brownian Motion

Thomas S.A. Duquesne

Hiding the Drift

Miklos Rasonyi, Walter Schachermayer, and Richard Warnung

A characterization of dimension free concentration in terms of transport inequalities

Nathael Gozlan

Contact processes on random graphs with power law degree distributions have critical value 0

Rick Durrett and Shirshendu Chatterjee

Dynamical large deviations for the boundary driven weakly asymmetric exclusion process

Claudio Landim, Lorenzo Bertini, Mustapha Mourragui

Asymptotic behavior of weighted quadratic variations of fractional Brownian motion: the critical case H=1/4

Ivan Nourdin, Anthony Réveillac

On normal approximations to U-statistics

Vidmantas Bentkus, Bing-Yi Jing, and Wang Zhou

On the Moments and the Wavespeed of the Symbiotic Branching Model

Leif Doering, Jochen Blath, and Alison Etheridge

On the critical parameter of interlacement percolation in high dimension

Alain-Sol Sznitman

Feynman-Kac formula for heat equation driven by fractional white noise

Yaozhong Hu, David Nualart, and Jian Song

Scaling limit for a class of gradient fields with non-convex potentials

Marek Biskup and Herbert Spohn

Scaling limits of random planar maps with large faces

Jean-François Le Gall and Grégory Miermont

Current Fluctuations for TASEP: A Proof of the Prähofer-Spohn Conjecture

Gerard Ben Arous, Ivan Corwin

Occupation Statistics of Critical Branching Random Walks

Steven Paul Lalley and Xinghua Zheng

Fast transport asymptotics for stochastic RDE's with boundary noise

Sandra Cerrai and Mark Freidlin

Influence of Spatial Correlation for Directed Polymers

Hubert Lacoin

Quenched scaling limits of trap models

Claudio Landim, Milton Jara, and Augusto Teixeira

On the local time of random processes in random scenery

Fabienne Castell, Nadine Guillotin-Plantard, Françoise Pène, and Bruno Schapira

Asymptotics of Uniformly Random Lozenge Tilings of Polygons. Gaussian Free Field

Leonid Petrov

Regularity and stochastic homogenization of fully nonlinear equations without uniform ellipticity

Scott N Armstrong and Charles K Smart

Loss of regularity for Kolmogorov equations

Martin Hairer, Martin Hutzenthaler, and Arnulf Jentzen

Critical two-point functions for long-range statistical-mechanical models in high dimensions

Akira Sakai

Local Universality of Repulsive Particle Systems and Random Matrices

Friedrich Goetze and Martin Venker

Weak convergence of the localized disturbance flow to the coalescing Brownian flow

James Norris and Amanda Turner

No zero-crossings for random polynomials and the heat equation

Amir Dembo and Sumit Mukherjee

The Segregated Lambda-Coalescent

Nic Freeman

Robust Dimension Free Isoperimetry in Gaussian Space

Elchanan Mossel and Joseph Neeman

A large deviations principle for Wigner matrices without gaussian tails

Charles Bordenave and Pietro Caputo

Random walks in cones

Denis Denisov and Vitali Wachtel

From duality to determinants for q-TASEP and ASEP

Alexei Borodin, Ivan Corwin, and Tomohiro Sasamoto

Scaling limits of random planar maps with a unique large face

Sigurdur Örn Stefánsson and Svante Janson

Convergence rates for loop-erased random walk and other Loewner curves

Fredrik Johansson Viklund

Jeu de taquin dynamics on infinite Young tableaux and second class particles

Dan Romik and Piotr Sniady

Minkowski Content and Natural Parametrization for the Schramm-Loewner Evolution

Gregory F. Lawler and Mohammad Abbas Rezaei

Random matrices: Universality of local spectral statistics of non-Hermitian matrices

Terence Tao and Van Vu

A stochastic Burgers equation from a class of microscopic interactions

Patricia Goncalves and Milton Jara, Sunder Sethuraman

Conditional Ergodicity in Infinite Dimension

Xin Thomson Tong and Ramon Van Handel

A copolymer near a selective interface: variational characterization of the free energy

Erwin Bolthausen, Frank den Hollander, and Alex A. Opoku

Planar Ising magnetization field I. Uniqueness of the critical scaling limit

Federico Camia, Christophe Garban, and Charles Michael Newman

On the large deviation rate function for the empirical measures of reversible jump Markov processes

Paul Dupuis and Yufei Liu

On fractional smoothness and $L_p$-approximation on the Gaussian space

Stefan Geiss and Anni Toivola

Random normal matrices and Ward identities

Yacin Ameur, Haakan Hedenmalm, and Nikolai Makarov

Universality of trap models in the ergodic time scale

Claudio Landim, Milton Jara, and Augusto Teixeira

Counting in two-spin models on d-regular graphs

Allan Sly and Nike Sun

Stein's method and the rank distribution of random matrices over finite fields

Jason Fulman and Larry Goldstein

Critical Gaussian Multiplicative Chaos: Convergence of the Derivative Martingale

Bertrand Duplantier, Rémi Rhodes, Scott Sheffield, and Vincent Vargas

Classification of half planar maps

Omer Angel and Gourab Ray

Permanental fields, loop soups and continuous additive functionals

Jay S Rosen, Yves Le Jan, and Michael Marcus

The dual tree of a recursive triangulation of the disk

Nicolas Broutin and Henning Sulzbach

Smoothness of the density for solutions to Gaussian rough differential equations

Thomas Cass, Martin Hairer, Christian Litterer, and Samy Tindel

Pointwise Eigenfunction Estimates and Intrinsic Ultracontractivity-Type Properties of Feynman-Kac Semigroups for a Class of Lévy Processes

Kamil Kaleta and József Lorinczi

Greedy Walk on the Real Line

Sergey Foss, Leonardo T. Rolla, and Vladas Sidoravicius

Functional Central Limit Theorem for Heavy Tailed Stationary Infinitely Divisible Processes Generated by Conservative Flows

Takashi Owada and Gennady Samorodnitsky

Differentiating the entropy of random walks on hyperbolic groups

Pierre Mathieu

Second-order asymptotics for the block counting process in a class of regularly varying Lambda-coalescents

Vlada Limic and Anna Talarczyk

On unbounded invariant measures of stochastic dynamical systems

Dariusz Buraczewski and Sara Brofferio

On L2 modulus of continuity of Brownian local times and Riesz potentials

Aurelien Deya, David Nualart, and Samy Tindel

Itô isomorphisms for Lp-valued Poisson stochastic integrals

Sjoerd Dirksen

Bakry-Émery curvature-dimension condition and Riemannian Ricci curvature bounds

Luigi Ambrosio, Nicola Gigli, and Giuseppe Savaré

Sobolev Differentiable Stochastic Flows for SDE's with Singular Coefficients: Applications to the Transport Equation

Salah-Eldin Ahmed Mohammed, Torstein K. Nilssen, and Frank N. Proske

Brownian motion and thermal capacity

Davar Khoshnevisan and Yimin Xiao

Multiple points of the Brownian sheet in critical dimension

Robert Dalang and Carl Mueller

BSDEs with weak terminal condition

Bruno Bouchard, Romuald Elie, and Anthony Reveillac

Quenched invariance principles for random walks and elliptic diffusions in random media with boundary

Zhen-Qing Chen, David A. Croydon, and Takashi Kumagai

The shape of a random affine Weyl group element and random core partitions

Thomas Lam

Spectral gap for stochastic energy exchange model with non-uniformly positive rate function

Makiko Sasada

Integral Identity and Measure Estimates for Stationary Fokker-Planck Equations

Wen Huang, Min Ji, Zhenxin Liu, and Yingfei Yi

Percolation and Disorder-Resistance in Cellular Automata

Janko Gravner and Alexander E. Holroyd

On a functional contraction method

Ralph Neininger and Henning Sulzbach

Feynman-Kac representation for Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman IPDE

Idris Kharroubi and Huyên Pham

Invariance principle for the random conductance model in a degenerate ergodic environment

Sebastian Andres, Jean-Dominique Deuschel, and Martin Slowik

Branching random tessellations with interaction: a thermodynamic view

Hans-Otto Georgii, Tomasz Schreiber, and Christoph Thäle

Non-linear noise excitation of intermittent stochastic PDEs and the topology of LCA groups

Davar Khoshnevisan and Kunwoo Kim

A Hsu-Robbins-Erdos strong law in first-passage percolation

Daniel Ahlberg

2D Coulomb Gases and the Renormalized Energy

Etienne Sandier and Sylvia Serfaty

Diffusion-Limited Aggregation on the Hyperbolic Plane

Ronen Eldan

Subordination for the sum of two random matrices

Vladislav Kargin

Zero-temperature limit of the Kawasaki dynamics for the Ising lattice gas in a large two-dimensional torus

Bruno Gois, Claudio Landim

Basic Properties of Critical Lognormal Multiplicative Chaos

Antti Kupiainen, Julien Barral, Miika Nikula, Eero Saksman, and Christian Webb

A counterexample to the Cantelli conjecture through the Skorokhod embedding problem

Victor Kleptsyn and Aline Kurtzmann

Ratios of partition functions for the log-gamma polymer

Nicos Georgiou, Firas Rassoul-Agha, Timo Seppalainen, and Atilla Yilmaz

Disorder, entropy and harmonic functions

Gady Kozma

From Random Lines to Metric Spaces

Wilfrid Stephen Kendall

The measurable Kesten theorem

Miklos Abert, Yair Glasner, and Balint Virag

Martin boundary of random walks with infinite range in hyperbolic groups

Sebastien Gouezel

Imaginary geometry II: reversibility of SLEK(p1;p2) for K E (0,4)

Jason Miller and Scott Sheffield

Spines, skeletons and the Strong Law of Large Numbers for superdiffusions

Maren Eckhoff, Andreas Kyprianou, and Matthias Winkel

Regenerative tree growth: Markovian embedding of fragmenters, bifurcators and bead splitting processes

Jim Pitman and Matthias Winkel

Forward-Backward Stochastic Differential Equations and Controlled McKean Vlasov Dynamics

René Carmona and Francois Delarue

The range of tree-indexed random walk in low dimensions

Jean-Francois Le Gall, Shen Lin

Exit laws from large balls of (an)isotropic random walks in random environment

Erich Baur and Erwin Bolthausen

Expected signature of Brownian Motion up to the first exit time from a domain

Terry Lyons and Hao Ni

Local time on the exceptional set of dynamical percolation, and the Incipient Infinite Cluster

Alan Hammond

Multifractal analysis of superprocesses with stable branching in dimension one

Leonid Mytnik and Vitali Wachtel

Independence ratio and random eigenvectors in transitive graphs

Viktor Harangi and Bálint Virág

Criteria for convergence to super-Brownian motion on path space

Remco van der Hofstad, Mark Holmes, and Edwin A. Perkins

Moments and growth indices for the nonlinear stochastic heat equation with rough initial conditions

Le Chen and Robert Dalang

Asymptotics of Symmetric Polynomials with Applications to Statistical Mechanics and Representation Theory

Vadim Gorin and Greta Panova

Supermartingales as Radon-Nikodym Densities and Related Measure Extensions

Johannes Ruf and Nicolas Perkowski

Coalescing Brownian flows: a new approach

Nathanaël Berestycki, Christophe Garban, and Arnab Sen

Planar lattices do not recover from forest fires

Demeter Kiss, Ioan Manolescu, and Vladas Sidoravicius

Strong noise sensitivity and random graphs

Eyal Lubetzky and Jeffrey E. Steif

Moments of Traces for Circular Beta-ensembles

Tiefeng Jiang and Sho Matsumoto

Cycle Density in Infinite Ramanujan Graphs

Russell Lyons and Yuval Peres

Pathwise nonuniqueness for the SPDE’s of some super-Brownian motions with immigration

Yu-Ting Chen

On multiple peaks and moderate deviations for the supremum of a Gaussian field

Jian Ding, Ronen Eldan, and Alex Zhai

Stochastic analysis on sub-Riemannian manifolds with transverse symmetries

Fabrice Baudoin

Quantitative stable limit theorems on the Wiener space

Ivan Nourdin, David Nualart, and Giovanni Peccati

On a problem of optimal transport under marginal martingale constraints

Mathias Beiglböck and Nicolas Juillet

The free energy in a multi-species Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model

Dmitry Panchenko

A monotone Sinai theorem

Anthony Quas and Terry Soo

A trajectorial interpretation of the dissipations of entropy and Fisher information for stochastic differential equations

Benjamin Jourdain and Joaquin Fontbona

Strong supermartingales and limits of non-negative martingales

Christoph Czichowsky and Walter Schachermayer

A local CLT for convolution equations with an application to weakly self-avoiding random walks

Erwin Bolthausen, Luca Avena, and Christine Ritzmann

Branching Brownian Motion in a Strip: Survival Near Criticality

Andreas Kyprianou, Simon Harris, and Marion Hesse

Discrete versions of the transport equation and the Shepp-Olkin conjecture

Erwan Hillion and Oliver Johnson

Continuum percolation in high dimensions

Jean-Baptiste Gouéré and Régine Marchand

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