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Annals of Statistics

The Annals of Statistics aims to publish research papers of the highest quality reflecting the many facets of contemporary statistics. Primary emphasis is placed on importance and originality.

Editorial Board     (2016 to 2018)








Edward I. George 





Tailen Hsing








Associate Editors


Mouli Banerjee


Andrew Nobel

Gilles Blanchard

  Davy Paindaveine
    Florentina Bunea   Byeong U. Park
    Ismael Castillo   Debashis Paul
    Ery Arias-Castro   Alexander Rakhlin
    Song Xi Chen   Markus Reiß
    Ming-Yen Cheng   Alessandro Rinaldo
    Gerda Claeskens   Christian Robert
    Anirban DasGupta  

Peter M. Robinson

    Aurore Delaigle   Holger Rootzén
    Holger Dette   Judith Rousseau
    Arnaud Doucet   Alberto Roverato

Subhashis Ghoshal

  Richard Samworth
    Ruth Heller   Dylan Small

Michael R. Kosorok

  Boxin Tang
    Samuel Kou   Alexandre Tsybakov
    S. N. Lahiri   Stephen Walker
    Liza Levina     Huixia Judy Wang

Bing Li

  Lan Wang
    Wei-Liem Loh   Yingcun Xia
    Jinchi Lv   Ming Yuan
    Marloes Maathuis   Cun-Hui Zhang



Helene Massam


Harry Zhou

Hans-Georg Müller

  Hongtu Zhu
    Boaz Nadler   Hui Zou

Managing Editor


T.N. Sriram








Production Editor


Patrick Kelly








Past Editors


Peter Hall and Runze Li



Past Editors from previous years


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