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Subject Classifications for Annals of Statistics Submissions

  1. Applications
    1. A) Biology and Medicine

        i. Genetics
        ii. Brain Imaging
        iii. Bioinformatics
        iv. Epidemiology
        v. Neuroscience
        vi. Cell Biology
        vii. Other

      B) Environmental

      C) Social Sciences

        i. Econometrics
        ii. Psychology
        iii. Sociology
        iv. Actuarial Science
        v. Finance
        vi. Other

      D) Engineering/Industry

      E) Physics

      i. Astronomy
      ii. Quantum Mechanics
      iii. Other

  2. Algorithms
  3. Bayesian Methods
    1. A) Computer Intensive

      B) Theory

      C) Frequentist Evaluations

      D) Other

  4. Causal Inference & Missing Data
  5. Computer Intensive Inference
    1. A) Model Selection

      B) Resampling Methods

      C) Simulation-Based Methods

      D) Other

  6. Decision Theory
  7. Errors in Variables
  8. Experimental Design
  9. Functional Data Analysis
  10. Machine Learning/High Dimensional Data Analysis
    1. A) Learning Theory and Generalization Error

      B) Supervised

      C) Unsupervised

      D) Dimension Reduction

      E) Other

  11. Graphical Modeling
  12. Hypothesis Testing
    1. A) Concerning an High Dimensional Parameter

      B) Many Multiple Tests

      C) Other

  13. Nonparametric Estimation/Inference
    1. A) Via Basis Functions (wavelets/splines etc)

      B) Local Linear Models

      C) Generalized Additive Models

      D) Mixture Models

      E) Kernel Estimation

      F) Using Penalization

      G) Shape-Restricted

      H) Via Maximum Likelihood/Estimating Equations

      I) Other

  14. Parametric Inference
    1. A) Linear Mixed and Random Effects

      B) Other

  15. Robust Statistics
  16. Semiparametric Inference
    1. A) Estimating Equations

      B) Change Point Methods

      C) Empirical Likelihood

      D) Quasi Likelihood

      E) Other

  17. Sequential Methods
  18. Spatial Statistics
  19. Survival Analysis
  20. Survey Sampling/ Survey Research
  21. Stochastic Processes
    1. A) Time Series

      B) Markov Models

      C) Other

  22. Applied Probability
    1. A) Empirical Processes

      B) Higher Order Asymptotics

      C) Limit Theory

      D) Large Deviations

      E) Probability Inequalities

      F) Other


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