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IMS Travel Award

IMS Travel Award


To fund travel and possibly other expenses to present a paper or a poster at an IMS sponsored or co-sponsored meeting for those who otherwise would not be able to attend the meeting. (Note: the Travel Award cannot be used to fund any part of travel to the IMS New Researcher's Conference, as that conference is already funded separately)


The travel awards are available to IMS members who are New Researchers. This means any IMS member who was awarded a PhD within the 5 years immediately preceding the year of the application deadline or who has or will receive her/his PhD in the same year as the application deadline. For one third of the total available funds, New Researchers from countries with reduced membership dues will have first priority. For the remaining funds, first priority will go to New Researchers who already have their PhD at the application deadline and second priority will go to PhD students. Applicants must be members of IMS, though joining at the time of application is allowed.


Grants per award are typically between USD 500 and USD 1500. The actual amount of an award depends on the travel distance to the place of the meeting. Grants will be reimbursed against receipts and may be combined with other sources of funding.

IMS Travel Award Application Process

All applicants must submit their paper to the meeting directly. Application for this travel grant and the meeting are completely separate activities.

Send the following via email to include subject line TRAVEL AWARD: <last name of applicant>. Items can be sent as pdf, ps or plain text attachments

  1. cover letter with contact information (including email address)

  2. title, abstract, a brief 1-2 page summary of the paper to be presented, and one copy of the full paper or a link to a web site where the paper appears.

  3. Recent CV. The CV should include a list of publications

  4. For students: please include a letter signed by the advisor attesting to the fact that the student is a degree candidate. For new researchers, please include the month and year of your graduation in the cover letter.

  5. 2 letters of recommendation. Letters should be sent directly by recommender to using TRAVEL AWARD: <last name of applicant> in the subject line.


All applications must be received by February 1.

Additional Information

Applications will be reviewed by the IMS Committee on Travel Awards, and applicants will be notified in late April. The paper must be the work of the student or new researcher, although it may be have been done in collaboration with an advisor or others.

All applicants must submit their paper to the meeting directly. This travel grant award application and the meeting abstract submission are separate