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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

SPECIAL VOLUME - Call for papers

During the 17th edition of the Brazilian School of Probability, the organizers have announced their wish of having a special volume related to this meeting. We can now make its official announcement and call for papers. (Read more...)

The Burr XII power series distributions: A new compounding family

Rodrigo B. Silva and Gauss M. Cordeiro

Bivariate Sinh-Normal Distribution and A Related Model

Debasis Kundu

Bayesian analysis and diagnostic of overdispersion models for binomial data

Carolina C. M. Paraíba, Carlos A. R. Diniz, and Rubiane M. Pires

Asymptotic Distribution of the Estimated Parameters of an ARMA(p, q) Process with mixing innovations

Sugata Sen Roy

An optimal combination of risk-return and naive hedging

Wan-Yi Chiu

Estimation of parameters in Laplace distributions with interval censored data

Saralees Nadarajah and Vera L Tomazella

Estimates of the PDF and the CDF of the exponentiated Weibull distribution

Mojtaba Alizadeh, Seyyed Fazel Dr. Bagheri, Ezatollah Dr. Baloui Jamkhaneh, and Saralees Prof. Nadarajah

Introduction to Regularity Structures

Martin Hairer

Almost sure central limit theorem for exceedance point processes of stationary sequences

Zhongquan Tan

Occupation densities for certain processes related to sub-fractional Brownian motion

Ibrahima Mendy and Ibrahim Dakaou

Coherent forecasting for over-dispersed time series of count data

Raju Maiti and Atanu Biswas

A note on space-time H older regularity of mild solutions to stochastic Cauchy problems in Lp-spaces

Rafael Serrano

Parameter estimations for the sub-fractional Brownian motion with drift at discrete observation

Nenghui Kuang and Bingquan Liu

On matrix-variate Birnbaum-Saunders distributions and their estimation and application

Victor Leiva

On the Harris-G class of distributions: general results and application

Luis Gustavo Bastos Pinho, Gauss Moutinho Cordeiro, and Juvêncio Santos Nobre

Angular Spectra for non-Gaussian Isotropic Fields

Gyorgy H Terdik

Nonparametric estimation of the residual entropy function with censored dependent data

G Rajesh, E I Abdul Sathar, R Maya, and K.R.Muraleedharan Nair

Generalizations of some probability inequalities and Lp convergence of random variables for any monotone measures

Hamzeh Agahi, Adel Mohammadpour, and Radko Mesiar

On The Number Of Leaves In A Random Recursive Tree

Yazhe Zhang

A new weighted Lindley distribution with application

Hassan S Bakouch

Inferences in Median Regression Models for Asymmetric Longitudinal Data: A Quasi-Likelihood Approach

Brajendra Sutradhar, Varathan Nagarajah, Vandna Jowaheer, and Atanu Biswas

Likelihood-based inference for population size in a capture-recapture experiment with varying probabilities from occasion to occasion

Luis E. B. Salasar, José G. Leite, and Francisco Louzada

A note on the Bramson-Kalikow process

Sacha Friedli

Adaptive Significance Levels Using Optimal Decision Rules: Balancing by Weighting the Error Probabilities

Luis Raul Pericchi and Carlos Alberto Pereira

Noise, interaction, nonlinear dynamics and the origin of rhythmic behaviors

Giambattista Giacomin and Christophe Poquet

On risk unbiased estimation after selection

Nader Nematollahi and Mohammad Jafari Jozani

The Virial Series for a Gas of Particles with Uniformly Repulsive Pairwise Interaction and its Relation with the Approach to the Mean Field

Domingos Marchetti

An INAR model with discrete Laplace marginal distributions

Miroslav M. Ristic, Aleksandar S. Nastic, and Miodrag S. Djordjevic

Exponential approach to, and properties of, a non-equilibrium steady state in a dilute gas

Eric Anders Carlen, Joel L. Lebowitz, Clément Mouhot

Assigning probabilities to hypotheses in the context of a binomial distribution

Casper Albers, Otto J.W.F. Kardaun, Willem Schaafsma

A recurrent random walk on the p-adic integers

Manuel Cruz-López and Antonio Murillo-Salas

Large deviations and the Boltzmann entropy formula

Giovanni Jona-Lasinio

Front fluctuations for the stochastic Cahn-Hilliard equation

Lorenzo Bertini, Stella Brassesco, and Paolo Butta

A Semiparametric Bayesian Model for Multiple Monotonically Increasing Count Sequences

Valeria Leiva-Yamaguchi and Fernando A Quintana

Yaglom limit via Holley inequality

Pablo A. Ferrari and Leonardo T. Rolla

From equilibrium to non equilibrium statistical mechanics. Phase transitions and the Fourier law

Errico Presutti

Parametric Stein operators and variance bounds

Christophe Ley and Yvik Swan

Log-symmetric distributions: statistical properties and parameter estimation

Luis Hernando Vanegas and Gilberto Paula

Supercriticality conditions for asymmetric zero-range process with sitewise disorder

Krishnamurthi Ravishankar, Christophe Bahadoran, Thomas Mountford, and Ellen Saada

Local Limit Theorems for Shock Models

Rein Vesilo and Edward Omey

Microscopic derivation of an adiabatic thermodynamic transformation

Stefano Olla and Marielle Simon

Separation versus diffusion in a two species system

Anna de Masi and Pablo Augusto Ferrari

Properties and Conjectures for the Flux of Tasep with Site Disorder

Thierry Bodineau and Christophe Bahadoran

A New Skew Logistic Distribution: Properties and Applications

DVS Sastry and Deepesh Bhati

Identifying interacting pairs of sites in Ising models on a countable set

Antonio Galves, Enza Orlandi, and Daniel Yasumasa Takahashi

Fractional absolute moments of heavy tailed distributions

Muneya Matsui and Zbynek Pawlas

Limiting behavior of the Jeffreys Power-Expected-Posterior Bayes Factor in Gaussian Linear Models

Dimitris Fouskakis and Ioannis Ntzoufras

On the stability theorem of Lp solutions for multidimensional BSDEs with uniform continuity generators in z

JiaoJiao Ma, ShengJun Fan, and Rui Fang

A Semiparametric Bayesian Model for Comparing DNA Copy Numbers

Luis Enrique Nieto-Barajas, Yuan Ji, and Veerabhadran Baladandayuthapani

The Extended Generalized Half-Normal Distribution

Jeniffer Duarte Sanchez, Wanessa da Luz Freitas, and Gauss Montinho Cordeiro

Bias-Corrected Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Parameters of the Complex Bingham Distribution

Luiz H. D. G. Araujo, Getúlio J. A. Amaral, Jorge T. M. Cruz, and Andrew T. A. Wood

The Cramer Condition for the Curie-Weiss Model of SOC

Matthias Gorny

Esscher-transformed Laplace distribution revisited

Tomasz J Kozubowski and Krzysztof Podgorski

Continuity results and estimates for the Lyapunov exponent of Brownian motion in stationary potential

Johannes Ruess

Statistical inference on restricted linear regression models with distortion measurement errors

Zhenghong Wei, Yongbin Fan, and Jun Zhang

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