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Electronic Communications in Probability

The Electronic Communications in Probability (ECP) publishes short research articles in probability theory. Its sister journal, the Electronic Journal of Probability (EJP), publishes full-length articles in probability theory. Short papers, those less than 12 pages, should be submitted to ECP first. EJP and ECP share the same editorial board, but with different Editors in Chief.

EJP and ECP are free access official journals of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) and the Bernoulli Society.

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Sandrine Péché








Associate Editors

    Omer Angel   Annie Millet


Louigi Addario-Berry   Leonid Mytnik
    Nathanael Berestycki   Hirofumi Osada
    Noam Berger   Gábor Pete
    Djalil Chafaï   Peter Pfaffelhuber
    Julien Dubedat   Alejandro Francisco Ramirez
    Giambattista Giacomin   Firas Rassoul-Agha
    Massimiliano Gubinelli   Brian Rider
    Antti Knowles   Victor Rivero
    Vladimir Koltchinskii   Peter Tankov
    Claudio Landim   Josef Teichmann
    Malwina Luczak   Feng-Yu Wang

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