Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Scaling limits for the critical Fortuin-Kasteleyn model on a random planar map I: cone times Xin Sun, Ewain Gwynne, and Cheng Mao
The infinite Atlas process: convergence to equilibrium Amir Dembo, Milton Jara, and Stefano Olla
On the fourth moment condition for Rademacher chaos Christian Döbler and Kai Krokowski
Products of Random Matrices from Polynomial Ensembles Mario Kieburg and Holger Koesters
Barrier estimates for a critical Galton–Watson process and the cover time of the binary tree David Belius, Jay Rosen, and Ofer Zeitouni
Local limits of large Galton-Watson trees rerooted at a random vertex Benedikt Stufler
Branching diffusion representation of semilinear PDEs and Monte Carlo approximation Pierre Henry-Labordère, Nadia Oudjane, Xiaolu TAN, Nizar Touzi, and Xavier Warin
Large deviations for the two-dimensional stochastic Navier-Stokes equation with vanishing noise correlation Sandra Cerrai and Arnaud Debussche
Brownian disks and the Brownian snake Jean-Francois Le Gall
Conditioning a Brownian loop-soup cluster on a portion of its boundary Wei Qian
Intertwinings and Stein’s magic factors for birth-death processes Bertrand Cloez and Claire Delplancke
Mixing and decorrelation in infinite measure: the case of the periodic Sinai billiard Francoise Pene
The Local Limit of Random Sorting Networks Omer Angel, Duncan Dauvergne, Alexander Holroyd, and Bálint Virág
Finite rank perturbations in products of coupled random matrices: From one correlated to two Wishart ensembles Gernot Akemann, Tomasz Checinski, Dang-Zheng Liu, and Eugene Strahov
Functional limit theorem for the self-intersection local time of the fractional Brownian motion Arturo Jaramillo and David Nualart
Universality of Ghirlanda-Guerra identities and spin distributions in mixed p-spin models Yu-Ting Chen
Convergence of the free Boltzmann quadrangulation with simple boundary to the Brownian disk Ewain Gwynne and Jason Miller
Exponential functionals of spectrally one-sided Lévy processes conditioned to stay positive Grégoire Véchambre
Ergodicity of a system of interacting random walks with asymmetric interaction Luisa Andreis, Amine Asselah, and Paolo Dai Pra
Location of the spectrum of Kronecker random matrices Johannes Alt, Laszlo Erdos, Torben Krüger, and Yuriy Nemish
Heat kernel estimates for anomalous heavy-tailed random walks Mathav Murugan and Laurent Saloff-Coste
On the exit time and stochastic homogenization of isotropic diffusions in large domains Benjamin Fehrman
On the Spectral Gap of Spherical Spin Glass Dynamics Reza Gheissari and Aukosh Jagannath
Existence of Stein Kernels under a Spectral Gap, and Discrepancy Bounds Thomas A. Courtade, Max Fathi, and Ashwin Pananjady
Hausdorff dimension of the scaling limit of loop-erased random walk in three dimensions Daisuke Shiraishi
Condensation of random walks and the Wulff crystal Nathanaël Berestycki and Ariel Yadin
The speed of biased random walk among random conductances Nina Gantert, Jan Nagel, and Noam Berger
How round are the complementary components of Brownian motion? Nina Holden, Serban Nacu, Yuval Peres, and Thomas S. Salisbury
Matrix Dirichlet Processes Songzi Li
Parabolic Anderson model with rough or critical Gaussian noise Xia Chen
A new approach to the existence of invariant measures for Markovian semigroups Lucian Beznea, Iulian Cimpean, and Michael Roeckner
Statistical physics on a product of trees Tom Hutchcroft
Finite-time singularity of the stochastic harmonic map flow Antoine Hocquet
Transversal fluctuations for a first passage percolation model Wei Wu and Yuri Bakhtin
Continuous-state branching processes, extremal processes and super-individuals Clément Foucart and Chunhua Ma
Bayesian nonparametric analysis of Kingman’s coalescent Stefano Favaro, Shui Feng, and Paul Jenkins
Comparing mixing times on sparse random graphs Anna Ben-Hamou, Eyal Lubetzky, and Yuval Peres
An isomorphism between branched and geometric rough paths Horatio Boedihardjo and Ilya Anatol’evich Chevyrev
On random walk on growing graphs Ruojun Huang
On the Equivalence Between Some Jumping SDEs with Rough Coefficients and Some Non-Local PDEs Nicolas Fournier and Liping Xu
Local fluctuations of critical Mandelbrot cascades Dariusz Buraczewski, Piotr Dyszewski, and Konrad Kolesko
Limit law of a second class particle in TASEP with non-random initial condition Patrik Lino Ferrari, Promit Ghosal, and Peter Nejjar
Homogenization theory for the random conductance model with degenerate ergodic weights and unbounded-range jumps Franziska Flegel, Martin Heida, and Martin Slowik
Activated Random Walk on a Cycle Riddhipratim Basu, Shirshendu Ganguly, Christopher Hoffman, and Jacob Richey
Non-Gaussian Limit Theorem for Non-Linear Langevin Equations Driven by Levy Noise Alexei Kulik and Ilya Pavlyukevich
Estimating functions for SDE driven by stable Lévy processes Emmanuelle Clément and Arnaud Gloter
Inverting the cut-tree transform Louigi Addario-Berry, Daphné Dieuleveut, and Christina Goldschmidt
A large deviation principle for empirical measures on Polish spaces: Application to singular Gibbs measures on manifolds David Enrique García Zelada
Edge of spiked beta ensembles, stochastic Airy semigroups and reflected Brownian motions Pierre Yves Gaudreau Lamarre and Mykhaylo Shkolnikov
Pathwise differentiability of reflected diffusions in convex polyhedral domains David Lipshutz and Kavita Ramanan
Einstein relation and linear response  in  one-dimensional Mott variable-range hopping Alessandra Faggionato , Nina Gantert, and Michele Salvi
Limit laws for self-loops and multiple edges in the configuration model Omer Angel, Remco van der Hofstad, and Cecilia Holmgren
Gravitation versus Brownian motion Mauricio Duarte, Sayan Banerjee, and Krzysztof Burdzy
On the Roughness of the Paths of RBM in a Wedge Peter Lakner, Josh Reed, and Bert Zwart
Diffusion Limit for the Random Walk Metropolis Algorithm out of stationarity Juan Kuntz, Michela Ottobre, and Andrew Stuart
Mixing Times for a Constrained Ising Process on the Two-Dimensional Torus at Low Density Natesh S. Pillai and Aaron Smith
Quasi-independence for nodal lines Hugo Vanneuville and Alejandro Rivera
Liouville quantum gravity spheres as matings of finite-diameter trees Scott Sheffield and Jason Miller
Active phase for activated random walks on Zd, d ≥ 3, with density less than one and arbitrary sleeping rate Lorenzo Taggi
Supremum estimates for degenerate, quasilinear stochastic partial differential equations Konstantinos Dareiotis and Benjamin Gess
Regular Dirichlet extensions of one-dimensional Brownian motion Liping Li and Jiangang Ying
Metastability of one-dimensional, non-reversible diffusions with periodic boundary conditions Claudio Landim and Insuk Seo
Optimal Survival Strategy for Branching Brownian Motion in a Poissonian Trap Field Mehmet Öz and János Engländer
Adaptive Density Estimation on Bounded Domains Nicolas Klutchnikoff, Karine Bertin, and Salima El Kolei
On intermediate level sets of two-dimensional discrete Gaussian Free Field Marek Biskup and Oren Louidor
On the martingale decompositions of Gundy, Meyer, and Yoeurp in infinite dimensions Ivan Yaroslavtsev
Transportation inequalities for non-globally dissipative SDEs with jumps via Malliavin calculus and coupling Mateusz Bogdan Majka
Paracontrolled distributions on Bravais lattices and weak universality of the 2d parabolic Anderson model Nicolas Perkowski and Jörg Martin
The Circular Law for random regular digraphs Nicholas Cook
Erratum : Qualitative Properties of Certain Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes Michel Benaim, Stéfane Leborgne, Florent Malrieu, and Pierre André Zitt
Limit fluctuations for density of  asymmetric simple exclusion processes  with open boundaries Wlodzimierz Bryc and Yizao Wang
Asymptotic nonequivalence of density estimation and Gaussian white noise for small densities Kolyan Ray and Johannes Schmidt-Hieber
Discretisation of regularity structures Dirk Erhard and Martin Hairer
On time scales and quasi-stationary distributions for multitype birth-and-death processes Jean-René Chazottes and Pierre Collet, Sylvie Méléard
Reversibility of the non-backtracking random walk Jonathan Hermon
Tube estimates for diffusions under a local strong Hörmander condition Vlad Bally, Lucia Caramellino, and Paolo Pigato
Sticky couplings of multi-dimensional diffusions with different drifts Andreas Eberle and Raphael Zimmer
On the boundary of the zero set of  super-Brownian motion and its local time Thomas Hughes and Edwin Arend Perkins
Brownian motion in attenuated or renormalized inverse-square Poisson potential Peter Nelson and Renato Soares dos Santos
Nonparametric density estimation from observations with multiplicative measurement errors Denis Belomestny and Alexander Goldenshluger
Exponentially slow mixing in the mean-field Swendsen–Wang dynamics Reza Gheissari, Eyal Lubetzky, and Yuval Peres
On the thin-shell conjecture for the Schatten classes Jordan Radke and Beatrice-Helen Vritsiou