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Subscriptions to institutions are sold on a calendar-year basis only and include all issues of the current volume. Prices are for print, electronic or both. Single issues are available after publication at back-issue prices. Subscriptions for the current year will be accepted through December 31.  Please contact the IMS Dues and Subscriptions Office to order subscriptions.

Order all items prepaid from the

Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Dues and Subscriptions Office
9650 Rockville Pike
Suite L3407A
Bethesda, Maryland 20814-3998.

The Institute accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card payments for subscriptions to its journals and purchases of its other publications. Provide the following information to use your VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card to purchase IMS publications: complete account number, expiration date, and name on card, telephone/fax/email, and authorized signature.

VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover information or a U.S. dollar check or draft payable to the IMS through a U.S. bank in U.S. Funds must accompany your order. All checks must have the MICR Encoded Number on the bottom of the check. Do not send cash, purchase orders or postal coupons. Prices include surface mail postage. Airmail postage is available at customer’s expense.

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