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2011 Meetings Around the World

IMS Annual Meeting

IMS Annual Meeting/Joint Statistical Meetings

July 30 – August 4, 2011

Miami Beach, FL

(IMS Sponsored Meeting)




AdapskIII, the satellite meeting to MCMSki III

January 3-4, 2011

The Canyons, Park City, Utah, USA

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: Christophe Andrieu, University of Bristol and Christian Robert, Université Paris-Dauphine

(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)

MCMSki III: Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Theory and Practice

January 5-7, 2011

Snowbird, UT

Program Chairs: Bradley P. Carlin (University of Minnesota) & Antonietta Mira (University of Insubria)

(IMS Sponsored Meeting)

10th Winter school on Mathematical Finance

January 24-26, 2011

CongresHotel De Werelt, Lunteren

Two mini courses of 5 hours each will be delivered by Rüdiger Kiesel (Universität Duisburg-Essen), Bernt Øksendal (University of Oslo). Special invited lectures will be given by Hansjoerg Albrecher (Université de Lausanne), Gilles Pagès (Université de Paris VI), and Johan Tysk (Uppsala Universitet).


Workshop on Bayesian Inference for Latent Gaussian Models with Applications

February 2-5, 2011

University of Zurich, Switzerland

Latent Gaussian models have numerous applications, for example in spatial and spatio-temporal epidemiology and climate modelling. This workshop brings together researchers who develop and apply Bayesian inference in this broad model class. One methodological focus is on model computation, using either classical MCMC techniques or more recent deterministic approaches such as integrated nested Laplace approximations (INLA). A second theme of the workshop is model uncertainty, ranging from model criticism to model selection and model averaging.

Education and Outreach Program: Two-Day Undergraduate Workshop

February 25-26, 2011

SAMSI, Research Triangle Park, NC



International Conference on Malliavin Calculus and Stochastic Analysis

March 19-21, 2011

University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

An event in honor of Professor David Nualart

2011 ENAR/IMS Meeting

March 20-23, 2011

Hyatt Regency Miami, Miami, FL


(IMS Sponsored Meeting)

1st Conference on Spatial Statistics

March 23-25, 2011

The Netherlands

Spatial statistics is a rapidly developing field which involves the quantitative analysis of spatial data and the statistical modelling of spatial variability and uncertainty. Applications of spatial statistics are for a broad range of environmental disciplines such as agriculture, geology, soil science, hydrology, ecology, oceanography, forestry, meteorology and climatology, but also for socio-economic disciplines such as human geography, spatial econometrics, epidemiology and spatial planning. The aim of the meeting is to present interdisciplinary research where applicability in other disciplines is a central core concept.

Seminar on Stochastic Processes

March 24-26, 2011

University of California, Irvine

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: Davar Khoshnevisan

(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)


The third International Biometrics Society (IBS) Channel Network Conference

April 11-13, 2011

Bordeaux, France

Every two years, the International Biometrics Society (IBS) Channel Network Conference brings together biometricians from four IBS regions : Belgium, France, Great-Britain/Ireland, and Netherlands.

Columbia-Princeton Probability Day 2011

April 15th, 2011

Princeton, New Jersey


The 25th New England Statistics Symposium

April 16, 2011

Storrs, Connecticut

The meeting's purpose is to to bring together statisticians from all over New England at a central location. There will be two full day short courses, and several arranged special theme sessions. In addition, there will be contributed paper sessions, allowing 15 to 20 minutes per paper. We invite talks on all aspects of statistics and probability.

2011 International Conference on Probability, Statistics and Data Analysis (ICPSDA-2011)

April 21-24, 2011

Department of Statistics, NC State University, Raleigh, NC, USA

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: SoumendraNath Lahiri (Chair of International Organization Committee), Subhashis Ghoshal (Co-Chair of Local Organization Committee)

(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)

Graduate Student Probability Conference

April 29 - May 1, 2011

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Conference objectives are: Provide graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with the opportunity to speak on an area of interest within probability; Foster discussions with a friendly and informal atmosphere; Establish connections for potential future collaborations; Introduction to recent developments in probability from keynote speakers


The Fourth Erich L. Lehmann Symposium

May 9-12, 2011

Houston, TX

This is the fourth of a series of Symposia on theoretical statistics with emphasis on optimality. The Symposium consists of a series of plenary lectures and invited sessions. Contributed papers are also welcome. The series started to honor Erich Lehmann's work and impact on the discipline. Those interested in presenting in a contributed session can email a title and an abstract to There will be partial travel support for young investigators and advanced graduate students. A volume of refereed papers will be published.

Education and Outreach Program: Interdisciplinary Workshop for Undergraduates

May 16-20, 2011

SAMSI, Research Triangle Park, NC

This week long workshop will provide an introduction to the field of epidemiology to students and faculty from the mathematical and statistical sciences. The overall goal of the workshop is to illustrate to need for and power of quantitative methods to confront the very hardest and most important data- and model-driven scientific challenges.

Conference on Stochastic Analysis in Finance and Insurance

May 17-20, 2011

Ann Arbor, Michigan


The Rao Prize Conference

May 19, 2011

Penn State University, Pennsylvania

The centerpoint of the conference will be the award of the 2011 Rao Prize to Professor James O. Berger of Duke University.

International Symposium on Recent Advances in Statistics and Probability

May 19-20, 2011

Hasselt University, Belgium

The main scientific theme of the symposium is mathematical statistics, in particular survival analysis, nonparametric methods, and probability and stochastic processes. The goal is to disseminate recent developments, to build bridges between the sub-field, and to allow for stimulating interaction between the theoretical developments and some areas of application. The scientific meeting will be followed by a session in honor of the contributions made by Professor Noel Veraverbeke. The meeting will bring together the top researchers in the aforementioned areas, from all over the globe.

High Dimensional Statistics: Advances and Challenges

May 24-27, 2011


Conference topics will include high dimensional analysis, survival analysis, and biostatistics.

4th Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference (CHAOS 2011)

May 31 - June 3, 2011

Crete, Greece

The principal aim of Chaos2011 International Conference is to expand the development of the theories of the applied nonlinear field, the methods, empirical data and computer techniques as well as the best theoretical achievements of chaotic theory.


Southern Regional Council on Statistics - Summer Research Conference

June 5-8, 2011

McCormick, South Carolina

The annual SRCoS Summer Research Conference is designed to bring together statistical researchers at all levels to learn about current areas of investigation and trends in statistics, including statistics education

Workshop on Statistical Challenges and Biomedical Applications of Deep Sequencing Data

June 5-10, 2011

Ascona, Switzerland

This interdisciplinary workshop is intended to be a forum for (i) the dissemination of cutting-edge biotechnological and methodological developments and (ii) the identification of challenging data analysis problems. The focus is on statistical, mathematical, and computational aspects addressing concrete real-world biological questions and medical applications.

The 2011 International Workshop on Objective Bayes Methodology

June 11-15, 2011

Shanghai, China

The principal objectives of O-Bayes2011 are to facilitate the exchange of recent research developments in objective Bayes methodology

La Pietra 2011

June 13-17, 2011

Florence, Italy

GNAMPA-PIRE School-conference on percolation and particle systems.

Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy V

June 13-17, 2011

The Pennsylvania State University

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: David Banks

(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)


3rd Baltic-Nordic Conference on Survey Statistics (BaNoCoSS)

June 13-17, 2011

Norrfällsviken, Sweden

The conference aims to provide a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas for a variety of people. These include, for example, statisticians, researchers and other experts of universities, national statistical institutes, research institutes and other governmental bodies, and private enterprises, dealing with survey research methodology, empirical research and statistics production. University students in statistics and related disciplines provide an important interest group of the conference.

Third International Workshop in Sequential Methodologies, IWSM 2011

June 14-16, 2011

Stanford, CA

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: Tze Leung Lai

(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)

Conference in Genetics, Probability and Statistics, in Honor of David Siegmund

June 17-18, 2011

Stanford, Calfornia

The conference will feature invited lectures on probability, mathematical and applied statistics, statistical genetics, and computational biology. It is held in honor of the 70th birthday of Professor David Siegmund, who has made seminal contributions and left far-ranging impacts on these fields.

(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)

2nd International Workshop on Integer Valued Time Series (WINTS 2011)

June 18-21, 2011

Protaras, Cyprus

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: Konstantinos Fokianos

(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)


Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications

June 19-25, 2011

Oaxaca, Mexico


(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)

WNAR/IMS Meeting

June 19-22, 2011

San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

IMS Program Chair: Jay Bartroff (

(IMS Sponsored Meeting)

SAMSI/Sandia Summer School for Uncertainty Quantification

June 20-24, 2011

Albuquerque, NM

The utilization of computer models for complex real-world processes requires addressing Uncertainty Quantification (UQ). Corresponding issues range from inaccuracies in the models to uncertainty in the parameters or intrinsic stochastic features. This Summer school will expose students in the mathematical and statistical sciences to common challenges in developing, evaluating and using complex computer models of processes. It is essential that the next generation of researchers be trained on these fundamental issues too often absent of traditional curricula.

Journées de Probabilités 2011

June 20-24, 2011

Institut Elie Cartan, Nancy, France

Scope: Probability and Statistics

The Seventh International Conference on "Mathematical Methods in Reliability" Theory. Methods. Applications.

June 20-24, 2011

Beijing Institute of Technology, China


Graybill 2011 Conference

June 22-24, 2011

Fort Collins, Colorado

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: Mary Meyer, Jean Opsomer, Rui Song

(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)

Workshop on Finance, Probability and Statistics

June 23, 2011

Columbia University, NYC

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: X. Guo, T. L. Lai

(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)

ICSA 2011 Applied Statistics Symposium

June 26-29, 2011

New York City, New York, USA

ICSA applied statistics symposium was first held in San Francisco in . Since then, it has successfully attracted statisticians all around the world, to exchange and explore new scientific research and application techniques. In 2011, it reaches its 20th Anniversary. The organizing committee cordially welcomes you to join us to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this exciting and rich symposium organized by the ICSA.

8th Workshop on Bayesian Nonparametrics

June 26-30, 2011

Veracruz, Mexico


(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)

The International Conference on Robust Statistics (ICORS11)

June 27 - July 1, 2011

Universidad de Valladolid, Spain

The aim of this conference is to be a forum for the developments and applications of robust statistical methods, and their interactions to other fields of statistics, and to science in general. It is an opportunity to meet, exchange knowledge, and build scientific contacts for all people interested in the subject.

7th Conference on Extreme Value Analysis, Probabilistic and Statistical Models and their Applications (EVA 2011)

June 27 - July 1, 2011

University of Lyon, France

It is the aim of the conference to bring together a wide range of researchers, practitioners, and graduate students whose work is related to the analysis of extreme values in a wide sense.


The 2011 International Conference on Statistics and Probability

July 1-2, 2011

Busan, Korea

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Korean Statistical Society

Statistics 2011 Canada/ IMST-2011-FIM XX

July 1-4, 2011

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

In keeping with the long tradition of previous conferences, this convention is dedicated to all areas of mathematical and statistical sciences. In addition to traditional theoretical/applied areas, interdisciplinary research would be encouraged and promoted. Historically these meetings have concentrated in the following areas of scholarship: applied and theoretical statistics, Bayesian statistics, bioinformatics, biostatistics, combinatorics, computer and information sciences, design and analysis of experiments , ergodic theory, functional analysis, graph theory, multivariate analysis, number theory, partial differential equations and topology.

Patient Reported Outcomes and Quality of Life

July 4-5, 2011

Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: Mounir Mesbah

(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)


July 4-8, 2011

Smolenice Castle, Slovakia

The mission of PROBASTAT conferences is to stimulate exchanges of ideas and research in the field of probability and statistics.

The 30th Leeds Annual Statistical Research Workshop

July 5-7, 2011

Leeds, UK

This workshop will focus on developments at the interface between statistical methodology and bioinformatics and more generally in interdisciplinary statistics. This is the 30th anniversary of the workshop, and to commemorate this, there will be a special session on shape analysis in memory of David Kendall on the second day of the workshop.

The INFORMS Applied Probability Society Conference

July 6-8, 2011

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH),Stockholm, Sweden

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: Co-chairs: Kavita Ramanan, Marty Reiman
Members: Baris Ata, Rami Atar, Vivek Borkar, Amarjit Budhiraja, Paul Dupuis, David Gamarnik, Takis Konstantopoulos, Thomas Mikosch, Lea Popovic, Amber Puha, Devavrat Shah, Steven Shreve, Assaf Zeevi.

(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)

Industrial Math/Stat Modeling Workshop for Graduate Students

July 7-15, 2011

Raleigh, NC

Objective is to expose graduate students in mathematics, engineering, and statistics to challenging and exciting real-world problems arising in industrial and government laboratory research. Students get experience in the team approach to problem solving.

IMS-China International Conference on Statistics and Probability 2011

July 8-11, 2011

XiAn, China

IMS Organizing Chair: Heping Zhang, Yale University

(IMS Sponsored Meeting)

7th Cornell Probability Summer School

July 11-22, 2011

Ithaca, NY, USA


(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)

ICIAM 2011

July 12-22, 2010

Vancouver, Canada

The congress will highlight the most recent advances in the discipline and demonstrate their applicability to science, engineering and industry. In addition to the traditional, strong focus on applied mathematics, the congress will emphasize industrial applications and computational science in new and emerging topic areas identified by panels of top international scientists.

The first Wu Xi International Statistics Forum

July 17-19, 2011

Wu Xi, China

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: Jun S Liu

(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)

1st Annual NIGMS-funded Short Course on Statistical Genetics & Genomics

July 18 - 22, 2011

Birmingham, AL

Focusing on the analysis of complex traits characterized by quantitative variation, this five-day course will offer an interactive program to enhance researchers' ability to understand & use statistical genetic methods, as well as implement & interpret sophisticated genetic analyses. Travel fellowships available, see website for details!

Education and Outreach Program: Industrial Math/Stat Modeling Workshop for Graduate Students

July 18-26, 2011

SAMSI, Research Triangle Park, NC

The 7th IMT-GT International Conference on Mathematics, Statistics and its Application (ICMSA 2011)

July 21-23, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand

The main objective of this conference is to provide a forum for researchers, educators, students and industries to exchange ideas, to communicate and discuss research findings and new advances in mathematics and statistics. To explore possible avenues to foster academic and student exchange, as well as scientific activities within the region. The conference will be a venue to communicate and discuss on mathematical and statistical problems faced by the industries. The topics of the conference include Mathematics, Applications of Mathematics, Statistics, Operations Research, Mathematical Education, and Computer Sciences.

NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conference: Mathematical Epidemiology with Applications

July 25-29, 2011

East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN

Carlos Castillo-Chavez and Fred Brauer will give ten keynote lectures, and there will be breakout sessions and formation of working research groups. A poster session will also be held for participants to display their work. Full support will be offered to between 35 and 40 participants.

Conference on Modeling High Frequency Data in Finance 3

July 27 - 31, 2011

Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: Ionut Florescu, Jose Figueroa Lopez

(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)

IMS Annual Meeting/Joint Statistical Meetings

July 30 – August 4, 2011

Miami Beach, FL

(IMS Sponsored Meeting)


2011 NISS/ASA Writing Workshop for Junior Researchers

July 31 & August 3, 2011

At JSM, Miami Beach, FL

The goal of the workshop is to provide instruction in how to write journal articles and grant proposals.


Conference in Honour of Søren Asmussen - New Frontiers in Applied Probability

August 1-5, 2011

Sandbjerg Estate, Sønderborg, Denmark

The conference honours one of the leading researchers in applied probability, Søren Asmussen, on the occasion of his 65th birthday. Thirtyfive major contributors to applied probability have agreed to participate in the conference. The talks will present the state of the art in applied probability and cover Søren Asmussen's wide-ranging scientific interests.

The 46th Actuarial Research Conference

August 11-13, 2011

University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, USA

This conference provides an opportunity for anyone with interest in the actuarial discipline to discuss issues and solutions.

useR! 2011

August 16-18, 2011

University of Warwick, Coventry, UK

A conference centred on the use of R for data analysis and statistical computing. The conference schedule comprises invited lectures and user-contributed sessions. In addition half-day tutorials presented by R experts will run on August 15, 2011, prior to the conference.

An International Association for Official Statistics 2011 Conference

August 17-19, 2011

Belfast, Ireland

The theme of the conference will be "The Demography of Ageing and Official Statistics". The conference will consist of 12 invited renowned speakers.

Dynamic Statistical Models, ISI-satellite meeting

August 17-19, 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark

The purpose of the meeting is to bring together researchers in statistics and related areas working with frontier research topics in statistics for dynamic models.

Young Statisticians Meeting (YSI 2011) - ISI Satellite Meeting

August 19-21, 2011

Dublin, Ireland

As a satellite meeting to the 2011 ISI World Congress, and the first of its kind, YSI 2011 seeks to promote the active participation of early career statisticians in the epicentre of the ISI World Congress. The meeting will give the opportunity for young statisticians to present their work in an encouraging and heartening environment, build scientific bonds with colleagues in their respective fields, and learn from and interact with some of the leaders of the discipline in an informal, compact and conducive environment.

Seventh International Conference on Multiple Comparison Procedures

August 29 - September 1, 2011

Washington D.C., USA

The main goal of the conference is to promote research and applications of multiple comparison procedures. The application areas of multiple comparison procedures are a rich and important source of cross-disciplinary statistical research. The conference will cover many current topics such as adaptive and sequential designs, Bayesian methods, bioinformatics, clinical trials, genomics, closed testing and partitioning principles, false discovery rate, multiple endpoints and so on. An important role of the conference will be to provide a forum for technical interactions among research and practicing statisticians in academia, government, and industry.

SAMSI 2011-2012 Uncertainty Quantification Program: Climate Modeling

August 29-31, 2011

Pleasanton, CA

The workshop will focus on five complementary themes at the forefront of current research in climate modeling. (1) Observations, (2) Climate models, (3) Assimilation/calibration/forward UQ, (4) Multiscale inference and (5) Risk, decisions and impacts


EPSRC Symposium Workshop - Disordered Media

September 5-9, 2011

Coventry, UK

This workshop is part of a year-long Warwick Symposium on Probability and aims to consider significant recent developments in the mathematical study of disordered media, including random polymer models, random walks in random environment, interlacement percolation, and randomly growing surfaces, and its connections to other areas of probability and mathematics such as random matrices, concentration inequalities and stochastic PDEs.

17th European Young Statisticians

September 5-9, 2011

Lisbon, Portugal

The European Young Statisticians Meetings are conferences organized every two years under the auspices of the European Regional Committee of the Bernoulli Society. The aim is to provide a scientific forum for the next generation of European researchers in probability theory and statistics. The meeting will gather about 46 participants coming from about 23 European countries. Participants are less than 30 years old or have 2 to 8 years of research experience. They are chosen by invitation only in a uniformly distributed way in Europe (2 participants per country).

The 3rd International Workshop on Internet Survey Methods - "Expansion of the Internet Survey and a Paradigm Shift for Statistical Production"

September 7-8, 2011

Daejeon, South Korea

Through each session of the two day event, a diversity of emerging concerns and challenges that national statistical offices (NSOs) and other data producers have been facing recently from a quickly-changing survey environment will be fully explored

SAMSI 2011-2012 Uncertainty Quantification Program: Methodology Opening Workshop

September 7-10, 2011

Research Triangle Park, NC


Mathematical and Computational Approaches in High-Throughput Genomics

September 12 - December 16, 2011

Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, Los Angeles, CA, USA

DNA sequencing instruments have undergone an extraordinary increase in efficiency during the past few years that has reduced the time and cost required to sequence billions of bases by several orders of magnitude. This is revolutionizing the scale and potential applications of genomic studies, and creating an enormous need to develop mathematical and computational infrastructures to meet emerging data analysis challenges. This long program aims to foster interactions between mathematical and computational scientists, sequencing technology developers in industry and academia, and the biologists who use the instruments for particular research applications to advance the mathematical foundations of this exciting field.

The Pyrenees International workshop on Statistics, Probability and Operations Research (SPO 2011)

September 13-16, 2011

Jaca, Huesca, Spain

The meeting features a summer school and a workshop in the fields of Statistics, Probability and Operations Research, introducing relevant topics and some of the most recent advances and prospective challenges in these fields with special emphasis on applications.

SAMSI 2011-2012 Uncertainty Quantification Program: Engineering and Renewable Energy Opening Workshop

September 19-21, 2011



Annual Meeting of the German Statistical Society

September 19-23, 2011

Leipzig, Germany

At this Meeting the German Statistical Society will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Special topics will be: Spatial Statistics and Beyond GDP - the Measurement of Well-Beeing. Plenary talks by Axel Börsch-Supan, Holger Dette, Ed Diener, Bruno S. Frey, Natalie Neumeyer, Danny Pfeffermann, Ingmar Prucha, Walter Radermacher, Havard Rue. Christoph Hanck (Groningen) will organize the Young Researchers Mini-Symposium on Hypothesis Testing in Nonstationary Time Series Analysis.

SAMSI 2011-2012 Uncertainty Quantification Program: Geosciences Applications Opening Workshop

September 21-23, 2011



2011 New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports

September 24, 2011

Cambridge, Massachusetts

This is a meeting of statisticians and quantitative analysts connected with sports teams, sports media, and universities to discuss common problems of interest in statistical modeling and analysis of sports data

Applied Statistics 2011

September 25-28, 2011

Ribno (Bled), Slovenia

The annual conference of methodologists and statisticians.

5th International Chemometrics Research Meeting

September 25-29, 2011

The Netherlands

The aim of this conference is to bring together people from a wide range of industry, research and academic backgrounds to share and discuss recent developments in the field of chemometrics. Chemometrics is the discipline concerned with the extraction of information from analytical chemical data. It has numerous successful applications in extremely wide range industries, for example in chemical and pharmaceutical research and production.

Statistical Analyses for Next Generation Sequencing

September 26-27, 2011

Birmingham, Alabama

Next-generation sequencing technology is impacting almost all aspects of biomedical research. This technology generates an unprecedented wealth of data that demands novel analysis strategies. While IT infrastructure and bioinformatics developments are obviously required to enable sound information extraction, sophisticated statistical methodologies and algorithms are also essential for interpreting the data. In this regard, we are organizing a NHGRI funded two-day conference, calling statisticians, genetic epidemiologists, bioinformaticians, and genome biologists, to discuss the statistical challenges and opportunities in next-generation sequencing data analysis. We believe that this conference will provide a venue for exchanging of cutting-edge information and ideas, and fostering collaborations among methodologists, analysts, and biomedical investigators.


Colloquium in honor of Hans Rudolf Künsch on the occassion of his 60th birthday

October 3-4, 2011

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: Peter Bühlmann, Marloes Maathuis, Sara van de Geer

(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)

Conference on Risk Assessment and Evaluation of Predictions

October 12-14, 2011

Silver Spring, MD

The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including applications of risk models in cancer studies, assessing the accuracy of risk models, competing risks models, evaluation of prediction models, disease incidence and risk prediction in the population level, genetic susceptibility risk models, individualized disease risk prediction, infectious diseases and epidemic risks, markers of disease genes and clinical trials, model evaluation and validation, etc.

III Latin American Meeting on Bayesian Statistics & XXXVIII National Meeting of Statistics

October 23-27, 2011

Pucón, Chile

The main goals of this joint event are to facilitate the exchange of recent research developments in Statistical methodology and theoretical developments (Bayesian for COBAL - Miscellaneous for JNE), to establish new collaborations and partnerships among attendants, and finally, to provide opportunities for students and researchers to share ideas and discuss Statistical methods.

NIMBioS Investigative Workshop: Mathematical Modeling of Intracellular Movements

October 24-26, 2011

Knoxville, TN

Recent advances in live cell microscopy have resulted in a flood of time-lapse observations that reveal a high degree of motility inside cells. Quantitative analysis of these movements is necessary to gain a full understanding of intracellular dynamics and their regulation. This analysis is often hampered by the sheer complexity of the movements, the great number of objects to be tracked, and the diffraction limit of optical microscopes. At the same time, mathematical and statistical models have made significant progress in producing fast algorithms that reliably track multiple objects in space. In some cases, these models were successfully applied to cell biological data sets, but the full potential of a rigorous mathematical approach that can be employed across a wide range of biological processes has not been realized. This NIMBioS Workshop will bring together experts from cell biology as well as mathematics, statistics, computational science and physics to discuss current approaches and possible alternatives.

Workshop Analytical Methods in Statistics (AMISTAT)

October 28-30, 2011

Prague, Czech Republic

The Workshop is an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, and to discuss on the solved and unsolved problems of mathematical statistics.


Multivariate Statistical Analysis Conference

November 7-9,2011

Lodz, Poland

The scientific programme will cover a range of statistical problems, such as: multivariate distributions, statistical tests, nonparametric inference, discrimination analysis, Monte Carlo analysis, Bayesian inference.

International Conference on Web Information Systems and Computing Education (ICWISCE 2011 )

November 10-11, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand

The goal is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the technological advances and business applications of web-based information systems.

Quantitative Issues in Genomic Medicine

November 17-18, 2011

Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA

The conference will engage an interdisciplinary group of scientists including biostatisticians,computational biologists, clinicians, genetic epidemiologists, and molecular biologists in a discussion centered on three important topics: Quantitative issues in personalized medicine; Reproducibility and validation of genomic signatures in translational medicine; Genetic risk prediction.

Conference in honor of Harry Kesten on his 80th birthday

November 20, 2011

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

This one-day meeting features six probability lectures in honor of Harry Kesten on the occasion of his 80th birthday. The talks will be followed by a celebratory dinner. All welcome.

3rd International Conference on Statistical Sciences

November 25-27,2011

Lahore, Pakistan

Objectives: Enhance awareness about the application of latest tools and techniques available for research and analysis; Interact with leading authorities, practitionners and scholars of the field; Augment and share the expertise and exposure of national and international participants; Develop a close relationship with scholars and practitioner.

International Conference on Information System , computer Engineering & Application (ICISCEA 2011 )

November 28-29,2011


The goal is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the technological advances and business applications of information systems.


The 67th Deming Conference on Applied Statistics

December 5-9, 2011

Atlantic City, New Jersey

There will be two parallel half-day tutorial sessions based on recently published books for the first three days for a total of 12 tutorial sessions. Then the conference will continue with two 2-day short courses.

1st Annual Short Course on Next Generation Sequencing: Technology & Statistical Methods

December 13 - 16, 2011

Birmingham, Alabama

We are inviting statisticians, genetic epidemiologists, bioinformaticians, and genome biologists to discuss the statistical challenges and opportunities in next-generation sequencing data analysis. We believe that this conference will provide a venue for exchanging of cutting-edge information and ideas, and fostering collaborations among methodologists, analysts, and biomedical investigators.

International Statistics Conference 2011

December 28-30, 2011

Waters Edge, Capital City, Sri Lanka

IMS Representative(s) on Program Committees: Peter Hall, University of Melbourne, Australia

(IMS Co-sponsored Meeting)

International Conference on Advances in Probability and Statistics - Theory and Applications: A Celebration of N. Balakrishnan's 30 years of Contributions to Statistics

December 28–31, 2011

Hong Kong, China

The conference will feature research topics inspired by the substantial contributions of Professor Balakrishnan to Statistics, in areas such as distribution theory, reliability and lifetime data analysis, censoring methodology, ordered data analysis, etc. It aims to bring together researchers interested in theory as well as applications of probability and statistics to discuss recent developments and to suggest future research directions.