Proposing an IMS workshop at the JSM

Please send the title, organizers and a short description to the IMS Program Secretary.  We will bring the proposal up in the IMS Executive Council. If your workshop is approved by IMS then provide Elyse Gustafson, the IMS Executive Director, with the following information by December of the year prior to the JSM:

  1. Workshop Title
  2. Organizer(s)
  3. Date
  4. Time
  5. Room Size (number of people expected)
  6. Audio visual requirements
  7. Time schedule for Refreshment breaks
Workshop Location
Elyse Gustafson  will work with the hotel to schedule the room, audio-visual equipment and refreshments.
Course Cost
In the past we have charged participants $25 to cover our expenses and break even.  We can also order danishes/ pastries and coffee service in the morning and a small snack in the afternoon (cookies) if you so desire.  The $25 will allow for that.  The IMS has a Development Committee that is working to promote different areas of the IMS.  They may chose to make the course gratis for students or for everybody, in that case the committee will cover all the expenses for the course from their funds.  If you are interested in this type of promotion, let Elyse know and she  will be sure to put it before the committee.
Registration and Course Materials
The IMS Business Office can handle all the registrations for the course.  We will also collect the abstracts and put together abstract books for workshop attendees.  You should send all these items to Elyse’s attention, preferably by email in Word format.  She’ll need them at least 60 days prior to the meeting.  Also, a schedule of the course can be included in the book.
We want to do lots of advertising.  Once you have the course advertisement information together be sure it to send Elyse (via email in Word preferably).  Elyse will then attach the registration form and typeset it for you.  Elyse will get them on the web (IMS page and JSM page), in the IMS Bulletin and in an e-bulletin.   Please also see Bulletins Announcements for submission deadlines.Also, if you would like us to put ads in the appropriate Annals or Statistical Science we can do that gratis as long as the editors give the final ok.  In order to make it into the journals she’d like the ad info by early January.  If you can think of any place else we can place it too, don’t hesitate to suggest.  Elyse is very helpful.
Program Chairs
Please see Help for Program Chairs.
Workshop Day
Last of all, so you know, Elyse will be present at the workshop to make sure everything is set up ok and to take any on-site registrations.  Once the course starts Elyse may have to attend other matters.  But, she will make sure you have all the information and contacts you need just in case.