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Organizational Membership

The IMS offers Organizational Membership to departments and other groups that may benefit from association with us. The following groups are eligible for this membership:

  • university or corporate departments
  • professional societies and non-profit organizations
  • government agencies
  • research institutes
  • formally constituted research groups, such as Organized Research Units
  • informally constituted research groups, more transient in nature, such as teams organized around a research grant
  • commercial and non-commercial publishers
  • commercial and non-commercial software providers

These categories of organizational membership are not intended for universities, university consortia, or library organizations.

Organizational membership is $150 and includes:

  • Individual Membership for one person in the organization. This person is the IMS contact for that organization.
  • $100 off first job advertisement for the year on IMS Web Page and/or in IMS Bulletin. 10% off future advertisements.
  • Each member will be listed in IMS Journals.

The online organization membership application can be found here. Organizational membership does not include subscriptions to IMS journals. These can be ordered separately, the catalog can be viewed here.