The Dues and Subscription Office handles:

  • membership – renewals and new applications
  • subscriptions to the IMS Bulletin and Journals
  • orders for publications and back issues of Journals and IMS Bulletins
  • address changes
  • questions regarding memberships and orders

Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Dues and Subscriptions Office
9650 Rockville Pike, Suite L-3503A
Bethesda, MD 20814-3998

tel: 1.301.634.7029
fax: 1.301.634.7099

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Use the following online membership forms to become a new member, renew an existing membership or order other publications (credit card payments only).

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The following pdf forms can be either mailed or faxed to the Dues and Subscriptions Office. There are no forms for some orders;  please do contact the Dues and Subscriptions Office in that case.

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