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Deadlines for Announcements

Please see Announcements Information for deadlines for submitting Meetings information, and what information to include.  This information will be included in the IMS Bulletin, e-Bulletin and web pages.

Specific to the JSM, the deadlines for Announcements submissions for the IMS Bulletin are:

bullet 1st Announcement (9 months prior to meeting) - Nov/Dec IMS Bulletin deadline is Oct. 23rd
bullet 2nd Announcement (7 months prior to meeting) - Jan/Feb Bulletin deadline is Dec. 23rd
bullet 3rd Announcement (5 months prior to meeting) - Mar/Apr Bulletin deadline is Feb. 23rd

Be sure to highlight that the program is tentative and state that all updates to the program can be found on the JSM web site (give the JSM web site here; this is maintained by the ASA.)

An Example of Other Important Deadlines (during year 2000)
September 18, 2000:  Finalization of invited allocated session.  This means that we are supposed to have all speakers, discussants, chairs and the information about them submitted by this date.  We are also supposed to have titles of all talks.
Comments:  The reason for this early deadline is that soon after, there is a vote on competitive sessions, with the notion that the JSM program committee, which is dominated by ASA people, is supposed to know what is definitely in the program to help them in voting on what to add to the program.  If your program is not complete in some trivial way by this date (e.g., you don't have the phone number for your session chair), I don't see what harm is caused, but we should at least make sure that all speakers and discussants are finalized by this date.  Note that we should soon have a capability to edit our sessions; I will keep you informed.

November 1, 2000:  Invited sessions must be complete (including abstracts).  Any session not completed by November 1 will be removed from the program and that allocated session may be taken away from the sponsoring section/society.

February 23, 2001:  This is the date of the meeting at which sessions will be scheduled.  It is also the deadline for submitting the following requests on behalf of your speakers:

  1. Complimentary registration for invited speakers who are not members of a sponsoring society (ASA, IMS, ENAR, WNAR, SSC).  This is meant to give a break to invited speakers who are not statisticians.  My impression is that this waiver is generally granted, but you have to let me know before the 23rd if you have a candidate.
  2. Travel support for foreign (other than Canada) invited speakers.  The meeting has a minuscule fund for this purpose.  If we are lucky, we can expect about $1000 total to be available for all foreign IMS invited speakers.  My tendency would be to favor non-European speakers, since fares from Europe to Atlanta should not be too bad, but it is the JSM chair (Dick De Veaux) who will be making these decisions.  Again, let me know before February 23 if you want someone to be considered for travel funds.

May 1, 2001:  Last day for revising abstracts.  Speakers should be able to do this directly.

May 1, 2001:  Last day for submitting audio visual equipment requirements.  The plan is that in every room with an invited session there will be a data projector if people want to project information from their portable computers.

June 1, 2001:  This is an alleged deadline for submitting "draft manuscripts" to session chairs.  I suggest we ignore this rule, at least for invited sessions.  It was implemented to reduce the number of no-shows among speakers.  If you have a discussant in your session, you should make some arrangements to have the speaker(s) provide information to the discussant at a reasonable interval before the meeting. 

June 8, 2001:  Final program corrections.  If you wish, you might want to remind your speakers in late May that they have agreed to speak at the August meeting in case someone now finds that they can no longer make it.  If they cancel before June 8, then it is still at least possible to juggle the times of remaining talks so that there are no holes in the session.


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Meetings at the JSM for Future Program Chairs:
  Message from Elaine Powell, Meetings Manager, ASA:

For future reference the JSM program committee will always be having a meeting at the JSM for the next year's program and 2 years out program. For example at the JSM 2001 the 2002 Program Committee met and the 2003 program committee met.  For JSM 2003 in San Francisco there will be a meeting for the JSM 2004 and the JSM 2005 JSM Program Committees. 

Appointment of IMS Program Chair:
Please have your appointments done by March 1 two years prior that would be great. Because the Invited program begins to develop in the April prior to the scheduled year (i.e. JSM 2002 Program Committee began work on Invited program in April 2001).

(Effective March 2006) - The ASA Committee on Meetings has approved for IMS to have 3 Program chairs in the Odd years (2 Invited Program Chairs and 1 Contributed Program Chair). So you can plan on having 3 chairs for all odd years of JSM from this point forward. (Note: In even years, it is 2 program chairs)

Send appointments to myself (elaine@amstat.org) or the general meetings email at meetings@amstat.org and it will be sent to the proper people.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Elaine L. Powell, CMP
Meetings Manager
American Statistical Association
1429 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA  22314

tel 703-684-1221 ext. 114
fax   703-684-8069
email   elaine@amstat.org
web site   www.amstat.org

2001-2002 President, Potomac Chapter of Meeting Professionals International


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