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Duties of the Contributed Papers Chair
  1. Work with IMS Program Chair
  2. Put the contributed papers into IMS contributed paper sessions.
  3. Find Session Chairs for each IMS contributed paper session.
  4. Work with Contributed Paper Chair of the other societies running the meeting.
  5. work with the IMS Local Chair especially with regards to session help (see Duties of Local Chair).
Topic Contributed Paper Sessions at JSM

Other than invited paper sessions, there are a number of other types of sessions that the IMS has traditionally not participated in. One type of session that we should be making extensive use of is the Topic Contributed Paper Session.  These sessions consist of exactly five 20 minute presentations on a coherent topic (talks in ordinary contributed paper sessions are 15 minutes).  We can arrange as many of these sessions as we like.  Advertise about this opportunity and tell any potential organizers that: IMS Special Contributed Paper Session needs to be coordinated through you with the IMS Program Chair.  Make sure that there is no serious conflict with the existing program.  The organizer then MUST get all 5 of your speakers to submit an abstract and pre-registration material by the JSM Program Chair's deadline.  On the abstract form, speakers should indicate they are speaking in a Topic Contributed Paper Session and give the name of the organizer.  These sessions are often quite popular and attract prominent speakers.  Again, remind all speakers of the one talk rule.





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