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IMS Affiliated Journals

The affiliated journals program is currently being re-evaluated, no new journal applications are being accepted at this time.

Information and Application


Probability and Mathematical Statistics


  • To encourage independent, non-profit journal development in the field of probability and statistics.
  • To provide the affiliated journal increased visibility, especially to IMS members and visitors to the IMS website.
  • To allow listing and aggregation of content from a variety of sources thus providing the IMS a more interesting web portal.
  • To generate goodwill towards IMS and increased IMS membership in the community supporting the IMS affiliated journal.


  • The journal’s focus should be of interest to some segment of IMS membership. As well as journals covering major branches of probability and statistics, niche journals specializing in any of the following fields would be appropriate: applied probability and operations research, queuing theory, mathematical finance, statistical genomics, machine learning, Bayesian statistics, statistical software, statistical physics, ....
  • The journal must be controlled by a non-profit entity.
  • The journal can be available in electronic, print or both.
  • Journal articles must be peer-reviewed.
  • The journal must have good editorial standards, both for its scientific content and for the technical quality of publication (whether in print or electronically)
  • The journal should provide a mission statement suitable for display on the IMS website.
  • The journal should provide and maintain contact information for email correspondence with IMS.


  • The IMS will not take any editorial, organizational or financial responsibilities for the journal.
  • The journal and its web site will display the IMS logo with the following language: “Affiliated with the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.”
  • The IMS will list the journal on its web site under the heading of Affiliated Journals
  • Affiliations will be non-exclusive: IMS affiliated journals may have affiliation relationships or sponsorship agreements with other societies.
  • While the controlling entity may obtain copyright of articles, IMS expects the journal copyright agreement to be similar to the IMS copyright agreement with respect to the right of authors to publicly archive pre- and post-prints.
  • Either party may terminate the affiliation at any time.


  • To apply to have your journal become affiliated with the IMS, please send an email addressing all the requirements noted above to IMS Executive Director Elyse Gustafson, Review of applications will take 4-6 weeks.

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