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Reprints of Articles from IMS Journals

Articles from the Institute's scientific journals - Statistical Science, The Annals of Statistics, The Annals of Probability, The Annals of Applied Probability are available as reprints, both electronic and hard copy.

Articles published in 1996 or later

If the article was published in 1996 or later, non-members of the IMS can view an electronic copy online (pdf) from Project Euclid ( for a small fee. 

Project Euclid

Please note that electronic access is free for individual members (please see Project Euclid account set-up). Access is also available through subscribing institutions.

Articles published prior to 1996

If the article was published prior to 1996, reprints can be ordered from the IMS.



Electronic copy
pdf file sent via email - any size article


Hard copy
0-99 pages
100- pages

$20 includes shipping
$25 includes shipping

Please note that electronic access to IMS journals published prior to 1997 is free for members through JSTOR (please see JSTOR account set-up). Access is also available through many institutions.

Ordering Information

All orders must be prepaid. We accept VISA and MasterCard payments. Checks or Money Orders must be drawn on a U.S. Bank in U.S. Funds. Make checks payable to: IMS or Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

Please include:
  • Journal Name
  • Year or Volume
  • Page Numbers or Article Title and Authors
  • Quantity and version (electronic or hard copy) 

Send orders to:

Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Business Office
P.O. Box 22718
Beachwood, OH 44122