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Statistics Surveys

Statistics Surveys publishes survey articles in theoretical, computational, and applied statistics. The style of articles may range from reviews of recent research to graduate textbook exposition. Articles may be broad or narrow in scope. The essential requirements are a well specified topic and target audience, together with clear exposition.

Statistics Surveys is sponsored by the American Statistical Association, the Bernoulli Society, the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, and by the Statistical Society of Canada.


Editorial Board






Coordinating Editor

    Wendy L. Martinez, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics




Sara van de Geer, (Bernoulli)


David Banks, (IMS)



Ranjan Maitra, (ASA)


Richard A Lockhart, (SSC)


Associate Editors



Daniel Commenges   Enno Mammen
  Guido Consonni   John Marden
  Noel Cressie   Geoff McLachlan
    Rainer Dahlhaus   Hannu Oja
    Anirban DasGupta   Dominique Picard
    Sujay Datta   Louis-Paul Rivest
    Mathisca De Gunst   Qi-Man Shao
    Jianqing Fan   Xiaotong Shen
    Edward I. George   Simon Tavaré
    Subhashis Ghosal   Stephen B Vardeman
    Nils L. Hjort   Grace Wahba
    John D. Kalbfleisch   Yuhong Yang
    Claudia Klüppelberg   Donglin Zeng
    Vladimir I. Koltchinskii   Cun-Hui Zhang
    Jerald F. Lawless   Jun Zhu
    Martin Lindquist    

Past Editors



Past Editors


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