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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Model uncertainty first, not afterwards

Nils Lid Hjort and Ingrid Glad

Contextuality of Misspecification and Data-Dependent Losses

Peter Grunwald

Selection of KL neighbourhood in robust Bayesian inference

Natalia A Bochkina

Issues in Robustness Analysis

Michael Goldstein

Filtering and Tracking Survival Propensity (Reconsidering the Foundations of Reliability)

Nozer D. Singpurwalla

Nonparametric Bayesian clay for robust decision bricks

Christian P Robert and Judith Rousseau

Ambiguity Aversion and Model Misspecification: An Economic Perspective

Massimo Marinacci and Lars Peter Hansen

A Paradox From Randomization-Based Causal Inference

Peng Ding

Communicating with Chaos: A Case of Statistical Engineering

Anthony J. Lawrance

Bayes, Reproducibility, and the Quest for Truth

D A S Fraser, Mylene Bedard, Augustine Wong, Wei Lin, Ailana M Fraser

A Conversation with Jeff Wu

Hugh Chipman and V Roshan Joseph

Reconciling the subjective and objective aspects of probability

Glenn Shafer

Penalising model component complexity: A principled, practical approach to constructing priors

Daniel Peter Simpson, Håvard Rue, Thiago Martins, Andrea Riebler, Sigrunn H Sørbye

How about wearing two hats, first Popper’s and then de Finetti’s?

Elja Arjas

Consistency of the MLE under mixture models

Jiahua Chen

A Conversation with Samad Hedayat

Ryan Martin, John Stufken, and Min Yang

A review and comparison of age-period-cohort models for cancer incidence

Jon Wakefield and Theresa Smith

Leave Pima Indians alone: binary regression as a benchmark for Bayesian computation

Nicolas Chopin and James Ridgway

Understanding Ding’s Apparent Paradox

Peter M. Aronow and Molly R. Offer-Westort

On software and system reliability growth and testing

Frank Coolen

Combining Survey Data with Other Data Sources

Sharon L Lohr and Trivellore E Raghunathan

What does 'propensity' add?

Jane Luise Hutton

On the Sensitivity of the Lasso to the Number of Predictor Variables

Cheryl J. Flynn, Clifford M. Hurvich, and Jeffrey S. Simonoff

Multiple Change-point Detection: a Selective Overview

Yue S Niu, Ning Hao, and Heping Zhang

Forecaster's Dilemma: Extreme Events and Forecast Evaluation

Sebastian Lerch, Thordis L. Thorarinsdottir, Francesco Ravazzolo, and Tilmann Gneiting

Model-assisted survey estimation with modern prediction techniques

F. Jay Breidt and Jean D. Opsomer

Randomization-Based Tests for "No Treatment Effects"

EunYi Chung

Prior specification is engineering, not mathematics

James G Scott

Approximate models and robust decisions

James Watson and Chris Holmes

Concert Unlikely, 'Jugalbandi' Perhaps

Nozer D. Singpurwalla

A Conversation with Robert Groves

Hermann Habermann, Courtney Kennedy, and Partha Lahiri

A Conversation with Lynne Billard

Nitis Mukhopadhyay


Chris Holmes and James Watson

Options for Conducting Web Surveys

Matthias Schonlau and Mick P. Couper

Inference for Non-probability Samples

Michael R Elliott and Richard Valliant

J. B. S. Haldane's Contribution to the Bayes Factor Hypothesis Test

Alexander Etz and Eric-Jan Wagenmakers

Inference from randomized (factorial) experiments

Rosemary Anne Bailey

Swinging for the fence in a league where everyone bunts

James Steven Hodges

Some comments about "Penalising model component complexity: A principled, practical approach to constructing priors" by Simpson, Rue, Martins, Riebler, and Sørbye

Christian P Robert and Judith Rousseau

Principles of Experimental Design for Big Data Analysis

Christopher C Drovandi, Christopher Holmes, James McGree, Kerrie Mengersen, Sylvia Richardson, and Elizabeth Ryan

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