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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

On Particle Methods for Parameter Estimation in General State-Space Models

Nikolas Kantas, Arnaud Doucet, Sumeetpal Singh, Jan Maciejowski, and Nicolas Chopin

The ghosts of the Ecole Normale

Laurent Mazliak

A Closer Look at Testing the 'No Treatment Effect' Hypothesis in a Comparative Experiment

Joseph Benedict Lang

Assessing the Potential Impact of a Nationwide Class-Based Affirmative Action System

Alice Xiang and Donald Bruce Rubin

Fourth moments and independent component analysis

Jari Miettinen, Sara Taskinen, Klaus Nordhausen, and Hannu Oja

A Conversation with Alan Gelfand

Bradley P. Carlin and Amy H. Herring

Conversation with Professor Tadeusz Caliński

Anthony C Atkinson and Barbara Bogacka

On Russian Roulette Estimates for Bayesian Inference with Doubly-Intractable Likelihoods

Anne-Marie Lyne, Mark Girolami, Yves Atchade, Heiko Strathmann, and Daniel Simpson

Functional Data Analysis of Amplitude and Phase Variation

J. S. Marron, James O. Ramsay, Laura M. Sangalli, and Anuj Srivastava

Extremal dependence concepts

Giovanni Puccetti and Ruodu Wang

A population background for nonparametric density-based clustering

José Enrique Chacón

High-dimensional Inference: Confidence intervals, p-values and R-Software hdi

Ruben Michael Laura Dezeure, Peter Bühlmann, Lukas Meier, and Nicolai Meinshausen

A Conversation with Nan Laird

Louise Marie Ryan

The ubiquitous Ewens sampling formula

Harry Crane

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