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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Comparison and Assessment of Epidemic Models

Gavin Jarvis Gibson, George Streftaris, and David Thong

Bayesian nonparametrics for stochastic epidemic models

Theodore Kypraios and Philip O'Neill

Approximate Bayesian Computation and simulation based inference for complex stochastic epidemic models

Trevelyan J. McKinley, Ian Vernon, Ioannis Andrianakis, Nicky McCreesh, Jeremy E. Oakley, Rebecca N. Nsubuga, Michael Goldstein, and Richard G. White

Sufficientness postulates for Gibbs-type priors and hierarchical generalizations

Sergio Andrés Bacallado, Marco Battiston, Stefano Favaro, and Lorenzo Trippa
Covariance Models for Global Spatial Statistics Jaehong Jeong, Mikyoung Jun, and Marc Genton

The general structure of evidence factors in observational studies

Paul R Rosenbaum

Hierarchical Sparse Modeling: A Choice of Two Group Lasso Formulations

Xiaohan Yan and Jacob Bien

Instrumental Variable Estimation with a Stochastic Monotonicity Assumption

Dylan Small, Zhiqiang Tan, Roland Ramsahai, Scott Lorch, and Alan Brookhart

The coordinate-based meta-analysis of neuroimaging data

Pantelis Samartsidis, Silvia Montagna, Thomas E. Nichols, and Timothy D. Johnson

On a General Definition of Depth for Functional Data

Irène Gijbels and Stanislav Nagy

Correction to "A Topologically Valid Definition of Depth for Functional Data"

Alicia Nieto-Reyes and Heather Battey

Contemporary views on the 2x2 binomial trial

Enrico Ripamonti, Chris Lloyd, and Piero Quatto

Elo Ratings and the Sports Model: a Neglected Topic in Applied Probability?

David Aldous

A Review of Self-Exciting Spatio-Temporal Point Processes and Their Applications

Alex Reinhart

A Bayesian approach for missing not at random outcome data: The role of identifying restrictions

Antonio Linero and Michael J. Daniels

Evidence synthesis of stochastic epidemic models

Paul Jeffrey Birrell, Daniela De Angelis, and Anne M Presanis

When is a sensitivity parameter exactly that?

Paul Gustafson and Lawrence C. McCandless

How the instability of ranks under long memory affects large-sample inference

Murad S Taqqu and Bai Shuyang

A conversation with S. R. S. Varadhan

Ofer Zeitouni

Richard Price, the First Bayesian

Stephen Stigler

Modeling and inference for infectious disease dynamics: a likelihood-based approach

Carles Breto

Estimating transmission from genetic and epidemiological data: a metric to compare transmission trees

Michelle Kendall, Diepreye Ayabina, Yuanwei Xu, James Stimson, and Caroline Colijn

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