American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Term expires *
Ensor Kathy Section U Feb-22-17
Claudia Neuhauser Section A Feb-22-17
Karen Kafadar Section T Feb-22-17

American Statistical Association (ASA)

Current Index to Statistics (CIS) Management Committee

Term expires *
David Umbach (chair) Dec-31-18
Chris Bilder (ASA Rep) Dec-31-16
Xinping Cui (ASA Rep) Dec-31-16
Haydar Demirhan (IMS Rep) Dec-31-19

Current Index to Statistics (CIS) Editors

George Styan, Abstracting Editor
Eric Suess, Associate Abstracting Editor
Alan Zaslavsky, Managing Associate Editor
Pantelis Vlachos, Assistant Database Editor for Web Site

Foundation for International Prize in Statistics

David Madigan

Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics (JCGS)

Term expires *
JCGS Editor Dianne Cook Dec-31-18

Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics (JCGS) Management Committee

Term expires *
Eun-Kyung Lee Dec-31-19
Richard Levine Dec-31-19

Spring Research Conference Management Committee

Term expires *

ASA Committee on Meetings (COM)

Term expires *
Aurore Delaigle Aug-1-17

The World of Statistics

Term expires *
Genovese Chris Dec-31-16


IMS Representative to Planning Committee

Term expires *
Laurent Saloff-Coste

Bernoulli Society (Bern)

Joint IMS/Bernoulli Society Publications Management Committee

Term expires *
David Nualart Dec-31-17
Lutz Dümbgen Dec-31-17
Johan Segers Dec-31-18

Joint IMS/Bernoulli Society Special Lectures Committee

Term expires *
Jean Bertoin (chair) Dec-31-17
Gregory Lawler Dec-31-17
Davar Khoshnevisan Dec-31-19
Scott Sheffield Dec-31-19

Cambridge University Press

IMS Monographs/Textbooks Coordinating Editor

Term expires *
Nancy Reid Dec-31-21

IMS Monographs/Textbooks, Probability

Term expires *
Ramon van Handel Dec-31-21

IMS Monographs/Textbooks, Algorithms

Term expires *
Susan Holmes Dec-31-18

IMS Monographs/Textbooks, Statistics

Term expires *
Xuming He Dec-31-18

Caucus for Women in Statistics

Term expires *
Linda Zhao Dec-31-18

Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies (COPSS)

more information on COPPS committess

COPSS Awards Committee

Term expires *
Iain Johnstone Sep-30-19

Selection Committee for the President’s Award

Term expires *
Peter McCullaugh Sep-30-18

Selection Committee for the R. A. Fisher Award

Term expires *
Noel Cressie Sep-30-20

Selection Committee for the F. N. David Award

Term expires *
Flora Bunea Sep-30-18

Selection Committee for the George W. Snedecor Award

Term expires *
Rebecca Doerge Sep-30-18

Selection Committee for the Elizabeth L. Scott Award

Term expires *
Elizabeth Thompson Sep-30-19

Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS)

Term expires *
Mei-Chang Wang (ex officio) Dec-31-16

International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM)
Term expires *
Alison Etheridge, Associate Member
Ben Hambly, Meeting Rep

J​oint Committee for Women in the Mathematical Sciences
Term expires *
Lea Popovic Jan-31-19
Caroline Uhler Jan-31-20

National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS)

Term expires *
Jan Hannig (Board of Trustees) Jun-30-16
Jim Booth (Board of Trustees) Jun-30-18
Jon Wellner (ex officio)

Open Access Journals

Electronic Journal of Probability- Electronic Communications in Probability (EJP-ECP)

Term expires *
EJP Editor Andreas Kyprianou Dec-20
ECP Editor Giambattista Giacomin Dec-20
Managing Editor Djalil Chafaï Dec-17

Electronic Journal of Statistics – Editor

Term expires *
Domenico Mannucci Dec-31-18

Probability Surveys

Term expires *
Ben Hambly (Editor) Dec-31-17

Statistics Surveys

Term expires *
David Banks (IMS Editor) Dec-31-19
Wendy Martinez (Coordinating Editor)