Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

Cluster size distributions of extreme values for the Poisson-Voronoi tessellation Nicolas Chenavier and Christian Robert
Rate Control under Heavy Traffic with Strategic Servers Erhan Bayraktar, Amarjit Budhiraja, and Asaf Cohen
Limiting behavior of 3-color excitable media on arbitrary graphs Janko Gravner, Hanbaek Lyu, and David Sivakoff
The Length of the Longest Common Subsequence of Two Independent Mallows Permutations Ke Jin
Weak convergence rates of spectral Galerkin approximations for SPDEs with nonlinear diffusion coefficients Daniel Conus, Arnulf Jentzen, and Ryan Kurniawan
Thresholds for Detecting an Anomalous Path from Noisy Environments Shirshendu Chatterjee and Ofer Zeitouni
Determinant of Sample Correlation Matrix with Application Tiefeng Jiang
Weighted Multilevel Langevin Simulation of Invariant Measures Gilles Pagès and Fabien Panloup
Option pricing with linear market impact and non-linear Black-Scholes equations Gregoire Loeper
Change-point detection for Levy processes Jose E. Figueroa-Lopez, and Sveinn Olafsson
The gradient condition and the contribution of the dynamical part of Green-Kubo formula to the diffusion coefficient Makiko Sasada
Limit theorems for persistence diagrams Khanh Duy Trinh, Yasuaki Hiraoka, and Tomoyuki Shirai
Super-Replication with Fixed Transaction Costs Peter Bank and Yan Dolinsky
Moderate Deviation for Random Elliptic PDE with Small Noise Xiaoou Li, Jingchen Liu, Jianfeng Lu, and Xiang Zhou
First-order Euler scheme for SDEs driven by fractional Brownian motions: the rough case Yanghui Liu and Samy Tindel
Limit Theorems for Betti numbers of Extreme Sample Clouds with Application to Persistence Barcodes Takashi Owada
An approximation result for a class of stochastic heat equations with colored noise Mohammud Foondun, Mathew Joseph, and Shiu-Tang Li
Annealed limit theorems for the Ising model on random regular graphs Van Hao Can
A simple evolutionary game arising from the study of the role of IGF-II in pancreatic cancer Ruibo Ma and Rick Durrett
Equilibrium large deviations for mean-field systems with translation invariance Julien Reygner
Asymptotic Analysis of the Random-Walk Metropolis Algorithm on Ridged Densities Alexandros Beskos, Gareth Roberts, Alexandre Thiery, and Natesh Pillai
An Impossibility Result for Reconstruction in the Degree-Corrected Stochastic Block Model Lennart Gulikers, Laurent Massoulié, and Marc Lelarge
Regularity and Stability for the Semigroup of Jump Diffusions with State-Dependent Intensity Vlad Bally, Dan Goreac, and Victor Rabiet
Real eigenvalues in the non-Hermitian Anderson model Ilya Goldsheid and Sasha Sodin
Dictator Functions Maximize Mutual Information Georg Pichler, Pablo Piantanida, and Gerald Matz
Diffusion transformations, Black-Scholes equation and optimal stopping Umut Cetin
Dynamics of a planar Coulomb gas François Bolley, Djalil Chafaï, and Joaquin Fontbona
Malliavin calculus approach to long exit times from an unstable equilibrium Yuri Bakhtin and Zsolt Pajor-Gyulai
The size of the boundary in first-passage percolation Michael Damron, Jack Hanson, and Wai-Kit Lam
Random Inscribed Polytopes Have Similar Radius Functions as Poisson-Delaunay Mosaics Herbert Edelsbrunner and Anton Nikitenko
Wright-Fisher diffusions in stochastic spatial evolutionary games with death-birth updating Yu-Ting Chen
Improved bounds for sparse recovery from subsampled random convolutions Rachel A Ward, Holger Rauhut, and Shahar Mendelson
Diffusion limited aggregation in the Boolean lattice Alan Frieze and Wesley Pegden
Erratum to “Propagation of chaos in Neural Fields” Jonathan D Touboul
Optimal Mean Based algorithms for Trace Reconstruction Anindya De, Ryan O’Donnell, and Rocco Servedio
Nonconvex homogenization for one-dimensional controlled random walks in random potential Atilla Yilmaz and Ofer Zeitouni
A shape theorem for the scaling limit of the IPDSAW at criticality Philippe Carmona and Nicolas Pétrélis
Verification theorems for stochastic optimal control problems in Hilbert spaces by means of a generalized Dynkin formul Salvatore Federico and Fausto Gozzi
Stability conditions for a discrete-time decentralised medium access algorithm Seva Shneer and Alexander Stolyar
Cramers Estimate for the Reflected Process Revisited Ronald A. Doney and Philip S. Griffin
Stochastic Cucker-Smale Models: Old and New Patrick Cattiaux, Fanny Delebecque, and Laure Pédèches
Justifying Diffusion Approximations for Stochastic Processing Networks under a Moment Condition Heng-Qing Ye and David D. Yao
Exponential random graphs behave like mixtures of stochastic block models Ronen Eldan and Renan Gross
Particle systems with singular interaction through hitting times: application in systemic risk modeling Sergey Nadtochiy and Mykhaylo Shkolnikov
Tracy-Widom fluctuations for perturbations of the log-gamma polymer in intermediate disorder Arjun Krishnan and Jeremy Quastel
Normal approximation for stabilizing functionals Raphael Lachieze-Rey, Matthias Schulte, and Joseph Yukich
On the polynomial convergence rate to nonequilibrium steady-states Yao Li
Cubature on Wiener Space for McKean-Vlasov SDEs with Smooth Scalar Interaction Dan Crisan and Eamon McMurray
Perfect hedging in rough Heston models Mathieu Rosenbaum and Omar El Euch
The collision spectrum of Λ-coalescents Alexander Gnedin, Alexander Iksanov, Alexander Marynych, and Martin Möhle
Tail measure and tail spectral process of regularly varying time series Clément Dombry, Enkelejd Hashorva, and Philippe Soulier
Lower Error Bounds for Strong Approximation of Scalar SDEs with non-Lipschitzian Coefficients Mario Hefter, André Herzwurm and Thomas Müeller-Gronbach
Knudsen gas in flat tire Krzysztof Burdzy and Carl-Erik Gauthier
Mutation frequencies in a birth-death branching process David Cheek and Tibor Antal
Approximating geodesics via random points Erik Davis and Sunder Sethuraman
When multiplicative noise stymies control Jian Ding, Yuval Peres, Gireeja Ranade,  and Alex Zhai
Freidlin-Wentzell LDPs in path space for McKean-Vlasov equations and the Functional Iterated Logarithm Law Goncalo dos Reis, William Salkeld, and Julian Tugaut
The Bouchaud-Anderson model with double-exponential tails Stephen Muirhead, Richard Pymar, and Renato Soares dos Santos
Random Switching between vector fields having a common zero Edouard Strickler and Michel Benaïm
The Limit of Stationary Distributions of Many-Server Queues in the Halfin-Whitt Regime Reza Aghajani and Kavita Ramanan
Multi-scale Lipschitz percolation of increasing events for Poisson random walks Peter Gracar and Alexandre Stauffer
A Constrained Langevin Approximation for Chemical Reaction Networks Saul de Castro Leite and Ruth J. Williams