Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

A shape theorem for the scaling limit of the IPDSAW at criticality Philippe Carmona and Nicolas Pétrélis
Exponential random graphs behave like mixtures of stochastic block models Ronen Eldan and Renan Gross
When multiplicative noise stymies control Jian Ding, Yuval Peres, Gireeja Ranade,  and Alex Zhai
Large deviations for fast transport stochastic RDEs with applications to the exit problem Sandra Cerrai
Stochastic Approximation with Random Step Sizes and Urn Models with Random Replacement Matrices Having Finite Mean Ujan Gangopadhyay and Krishanu Maulik
Critical point for infinite cycles in a random loop model on trees Alan Hammond and Milind Hegde
Parking on transitive unimodular graphs Michael Damron, Janko Gravner, Matthew Junge, Hanbaek Lyu, and David Sivakoff
The hydrodynamic limit of a randomized load balancing network Reza Aghajani and Kavita Ramanan
Normal convergence of non-localised geometric functionals and shot noise excursions Raphael Lachieze-Rey
A probabilistic approach to Dirac concentration in nonlocal models of adaptation with several resources Nicolas Champagnat and Benoît Henry
A version of Aldous’ spectral-gap conjecture for the zero range process Jonathan Hermon and  Justin Salez
Iterative Particle Approximation for McKean-Vlasov SDEs with application to Multilevel Monte Carlo estimation Lukasz Szpruch, Suren Tan, and Alvin Tse
Ergodicity of the zigzag process Joris Bierkens , Gareth Roberts, and Pierre-André Zitt
On Skorokhod Embeddings and Poisson Equations Leif Döring, Lukas Gonon, David Johannes Prömel, and Oleg Reichmann
A McKean–Vlasov equation with positive feedback and blow-ups Ben Hambly, Sean Ledger, and Andreas Sojmark
Approximation of  stochastic processes by  non-expansive  flows   and  coming down from infinity Vincent Bansaye
Mixing Time Estimation in Reversible Markov Chains from a Single Sample Path Daniel Hsu, Aryeh Kontorovich, David A. Levin, Yuval Peres, and Csaba Szepesvari
Reduced-form framework under model uncertainty Francesca Biagini and Yinglin Zhang
A general continuous-state nonlinear branching process Xiaowen Zhou
Metastability of the contact process on fast evolving scale-free networks Emmanuel Jacob, Amitai Linker, and Peter Morters
Equilibrium interfaces of biased voter models Rongfeng Sun, Jan Swart, Jinjiong Yu
Tree lengths for general Λ-coalescents and the asymptotic site frequency spectrum around the Bolthausen-Sznitman coalescent Christina Sonja Diehl and Götz Kersting
Empirical optimal transport on countable metric spaces: Distributional limits and statistical applications Carla Tameling, Max Sommerfeld, and Axel Munk
Extinction in lower Hessenberg branching processes with countably many types Sophie Hautphenne and Peter Braunsteins
Controlled Reflected SDEs and Neumann Problem for Backward SPDEs Erhan Bayraktar and Jinniao Qiu
Dynamics of observables in rank-based models and performance of functionally generated portfolios Sergio A. Almada Monter, Mykhaylo Shkolnikov, and Jiacheng Zhang
Measuring Sample Quality with Diffusions Jackson Gorham, Andrew Duncan, Sebastian Vollmer, and Lester Mackey
Sensitivity Analysis for Rare Events based on Renyi Divergence Paul Dupuis, Markos Katsoulakis, Yannis Pantazis, and Luc Rey-Bellet
Propagation of chaos for topological interactions Pierre Degond and Mario Pulvirenti
Interference Queueing Networks on Grids Abishek Sankararaman, François Baccelli, and Sergey Foss
Approximating mixed Hölder functions using random samples Nicholas F Marshall
Local law and Tracy-Widom limit for sample covariance matrices Jong Yun Hwang, Ji Oon Lee, and Kevin Schnelli
Stochastic Representations for Solutions to Parabolic Dirichlet Problems for Nonlocal Bellman Equations Ruoting Gong, Chenchen Mou, and Andrzej Swiech
Another look into the Wong–Zakai Theorem for Stochastic Heat Equation Yu Gu and Li-Cheng Tsai
Pathwise Convergence of the Hard Spheres Kac Process Daniel Heydecker
The Zealot Voter Model Ran Huo and Rick Durrett
Affine Volterra processes Eduardo Abi Jaber, Martin Larsson, and Sergio Pulido
Approximating stationary distributions of fast mixing Glauber dynamics, with applications to exponential random graphs Gesine Reinert and Nathan Ross
Stein’s Method for Stationary Distributions of  Markov Chains and Application to Ising Models Guy Bresler and Dheeraj Mysore Nagaraj
Correction note for: A Strong Order 1/2 Method for Multidimensional SDEs with Discontinuous Drift Gunther Leobacher and Michaela Szölgyenyi
Computational Methods for Martingale Optimal Transport Problems Gaoyue Guo and Jan Obloj
Robust Pricing and Hedging around the Globe Sebastian Herrmann and Florian Stebegg
Affine Processes Beyond Stochastic Continuity Thorsten Schmidt, Martin Keller-Ressel, and Robert Wardenga
Poincaré and logarithmic Sobolev constants for metastable Markov chains via capacitary inequalities André Schlichting and Martin Slowik
Generalized couplings and ergodic rates for SPDEs and other Markov models Oleg Butkovsky, Alexei Kulik, and Michael Scheutzow
A Martingale Approach for Fractional Brownian Motions and Related Path Dependent PDEs Frederi Viens and Jianfeng Zhang
Crossing a fitness valley as a metastable transition in a stochastic population model Anton Bovier, Loren Coquille, and Charline Smadi
Nonparametric Spot Volatility from Options Viktor Todorov
Right marker speeds of solutions to the KPP equation with noise Sandra Kliem
Large tournament games Jaksa Cvitanic, Erhan Bayraktar, and Yuchong Zhang
Localization of the Gaussian multiplicative chaos in the Wiener space and the stochastic heat equation in strong disorder Yannic Bröker and Chiranjib Mukherjee
Decompositions of log-correlated fields with applications Janne Junnila, Eero Saksman, and Christian Webb
Zero temperature limit for the Brownian directed polymer among Poissonian disasters Ryoki Fukushima and Stefan Junk
Local weak convergence for PageRank Alessandro Garavaglia, Remco van der Hofstad, and Nelly Litvak
Cutoff for the cyclic adjacent transposition shuffle Danny Nam and Evita Nestoridi
Join-the-Shortest Queue Diffusion Limit in Halfin-Whitt Regime: Sensitivity on the Heavy-traffic Parameter Sayan Banerjee and Debankur Mukherjee
Bootstrap percolation on the product of the two-dimensional lattice with a Hamming square Janko Gravner and David Sivakoff
Continuous-time Duality for Super-replication with Transient Price Impact Peter Bank and Yan Dolinsky
Propagation of Chaos for Stochastic Spatially Structured Neuronal Networks with Fully Path Dependent Delays and Monotone Coefficients driven by Jump Diffusion Noise Wilhelm Stannat, Sima Mehri, Michael Scheutzow, and Bijan Z. Zangeneh
On an epidemic model on finite graphs Itai Benjamini, Luiz Renato Fontes, Jonathan Hermon, and Fabio Machado
Convergence to the Mean Field Game Limit: A Case Study Marcel Nutz, Jaime San Martin, and Xiaowei Tan
Central limit theorems for patterns in multiset permutations and set partitions Valentin Feray
Large deviation principles for first-order scalar conservation laws with stochastic forcing Zhao Dong, Jiang-Lun Wu, Rangrang Zhang, and Tusheng Zhang
Monte Carlo with Determinantal Point Processes Rémi Bardenet and Adrien Hardy
Random-cluster dynamics in ℤ2: rapid mixing with general boundary conditions Antonio Blanca, Reza Gheissari, and Eric Vigoda
Lower bounds for trace reconstruction Nina Holden and Russell Lyons
Adaptive Euler-Maruyama method for SDEs with non-globally Lipschitz drift Wei Fang and Michael B. Giles
Mean Geometry for 2D  random fields: Level perimeter and level total curvature integrals Hermine Bierme and Agnes Desolneux
The largest real eigenvalue in the real Ginibre ensemble and its relation to the Zakharov-Shabat system Jinho Baik and Thomas Bothner
Bounds for the asymptotic distribution of the likelihood ratio Andreas Anastasiou and Gesine Reinert
Optimal position targeting via decoupling fields Stefan Ankirchner, Alexander Fromm, Thomas Kruse, and Alexandre Popier
Semi-implicit Euler-Maruyama approximation for non-colliding particle systems Dai Taguchi and Hoang-Long Ngo
Trading with small nonlinear price impact Thomas Caye, Martin Herdegen, and Johannes Muhle-Karbe
Optimal investment and consumption with labor income in incomplete markets Oleksii Mostovyi and Mihai Sirbu
Oriented first passage percolation in the mean field limit, 2. The extremal process. Nicola Kistler, Adrien Schertzer, and Marius Schmidt